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  • Crossfit site workouts enough?

    I've been doing the crossfit WOD's off the website this summer. I'm just going for overall fitness -- strength, work capacity, looking good naked. I've made some improvements (I'm quite a bit better at pullups and powercleans now) but I've also heard people say that just doing the WOD isn't "enough" for an exercise program.

    I know I'm squatting and deadlifting a lot less frequently than when I was just on a standard strength program earlier this year. I had stalled, then got weaker, and got really demoralized, and decided to do something else for a change, which was how I got into Crossfit. At my best, I was squatting 185; now it's like 135. (Granted, I'm ten pounds lighter.)

    What do you all think -- is doing the WOD's for weenies? If I wanted to add more "serious" strength training, where would I put it? (The WOD's are sometimes tiring enough that "just do a heavy leg day afterwards" isn't going to happen.)
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    I used to follow the web site also (close to 2 years). During that time I found a site called and a lot of people there started doing "buy ins" and "cash out" type work outs. I believe that the web site alone is not enough. If you want serious strength training, you need to do a starting strength type program. Consistency is the key to gaining strength. Not saying you won't get strong doing crossfit WOD's, I did. But I also believe that if you follow the web site and its program (3 days on, 1 day off routine) you're setting yourself up for burnout, I did this too.
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      xfit isn't 'enough' for anything. For general health it's too much, worse than chronic cardio.

      For a 500 pound deadlift or mass greater than a natural bodybuilder(two infamous claims) it's too little.

      It's not even enough for xfit! Top games competitors are doing progressive training with some xfit wods for practice. Many people on the xfit board say the way to get started right is to shelve xfit for a while and do SS through novice gains.

      There are several programs that combine progressive strength and metcons
      xfit football
      xfit strength bias
      witchita falls something
      several others that are unaffiliated with xfit or even anti xfit
      dan john gym jones ross enamit(sp?)


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        1) Are you picking/choosing your WODs? Maintaining a proper WOD schedule is the key to crossfit. Picking and choosing is what usually burns people out (as it did to me). Attempt to follow a designated WOD schedule for a few weeks and see how it goes.

        2) How does your workout schedule look? are you doing 3 on/1 off? If you aren't incorperating those rest/off days, that could be a problem. If you are, and still aren't making gains, maybe you need to reduce the amount of workout days, or increase the number of off days. (i.e. 2 on, 2 off/ 3 on, 2 off/ 1 on/2 off, etc).

        I jumped off the crossfit bandwagon a while ago. Crossfit is all about intensity and 'super-fitness', which really doesn't appeal to me anymore.

        p.s. If you are looking for a decent substitute for a strength training program (i.e. standard weight lifting program) to build strength, look into 'Starting Strength' by Mark Rippetoe.

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        dan john gym jones ross enamit(sp?)

        ROSS IS THE MAN!!! check out his site: Blog

        Ross' techniques/theories on working out are amazing. I'd take Ross' workouts over CF anyday. Ross is also very supportive of those who visit his site. Shoot him an email and he will respond within a few days.


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          Well, Crossfit Football looks pretty challenging, but I think I can switch to that -- it's got nice variety and fun metcons, but still has progressive training. (Circuits/metcons are fun for me; I don't enjoy all heavy lifting and no running around.)

          I started out on Starting Strength two years ago and I think the novice gains are over. (Although I never got to a particularly impressive level. For what it's worth, I never played a sport competitively except a little high school cross country; I'm not really up to these people's standards of fitness.)

          I've been following the web site pretty much exactly, all summer. Missed a few workouts, but mostly I only take a rest day when they say so. I have been making gains, but it's hard to tell because most of the time the workouts don't repeat.
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            Rock on Barbarianchick.

            Have you looked at the 'Horseman' program? I've only heard of it, but they say its a step up from crossfit.

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