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  • Advice please?

    Good morning all,

    I have a question regarding maintaining fitness levels. My situation is that I have graves desease and am having radiation treatment tomorrow. I was previously on tyroid suppressing medication but have been off of it for a week. During that time i have become lathargic, tired, and feeling weak. Some of the other symptoms are joint aches and muscle weakness.

    I have been doing the 70's big S&CP with fantastic results. But I know that with being off the tyroid medication and having the radiation treatment it will be some time before my body is able to regulate its self. I don't want to lose my progress but know that my body wont be able to handle the stress of continuing on with the progression of weight until my thyroid levels normalize.

    So my question:
    Is there anyway to try to maintain current fitness levels?

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    Sorry about your medical problems. I hope your treatment goes well. I don't have any advice to give you. Perhaps someone who does will jump in.
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      Try to maintain weight on the bar as long as possible.
      First reduce frequency(days per week)
      then exercises per workout
      then sets per exercise
      then reps per set but if you're doing 5's you probably don't want to go lower

      Of course first priority is doing or not doing whatever you need to regain your health.
      Wish you the best with that.


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        You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you regain your strength after your time off.

        Eat lots of protein. Try to mitigate you stress.

        Be well.


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          For your "time off" of primal style training, do your best to keep your stress down. Have you tried Yoga? Yoga can be super-intense (if you want). Look into a yin/yang style class, or less intense asthanga Yoga.

          On long stints of travel where I know I won't be able to lift for a while, Yoga actually keeps my muscle tone in tact and I can generally pick up right where I left off, even if it's a couple of months.

          It will also keep your stress down which helps your thyroid and immune system.


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            Thanks for the well wishes and your responses. I was figuring on trying to keep weight on the bar and not trying to go up in weight.. and i guess the whole primal aspect of doing only what feels right for the work out would play nice here. I do yoga frequently and do my best to reduce the stress in my life. I do lots of walking and meditating along with yoga to do that..I know the gains will come back..they did after i lost it before just frustrating to have to keep starting over. Thanks again. I had the treatment yesterday so hopefully now things will eventually start to get better.