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Turkist Get-ups: The Best Exercise You're (probably) Not Doing

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  • Turkist Get-ups: The Best Exercise You're (probably) Not Doing

    My blog today is about Turkish Get-ups.

    Read. Train. Comment.
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    I've done this never. I will see what's what at the park today and report back later...
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      I have a feeling this is gonna involve me falling on my ass :P

      On a better note, i'm like 2 weeks maybe from being able to do a REAL push up thanks to you Al
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        I use my kids for weights when I do TGU. They love them. I got a 35# 4 year old and a 22# 2 year old...perfect weight.
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          this is great. i've heard of these but never really tried them. i'll have to find a weight of some sort and try some later today.


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            do you work at getting faster doing them or is it the amount of weight that you increase while keeping speed the same?

            id imagine once you got the technique down you could increase your speed
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              So a few on one side then a few on the other... rinse and repeat?


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                Kettlebells work best. Concentrate on form, not speed. Not a cardio exercise. There's like 8 "pauses" in the movement (up and down). Focus on each one.


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                  I love this exercise. It's one of the only things I do where I need an actual weight though. Almost everything else I use either just body weight or a large stone.


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                    like RezH said "do the pauses". dont rush through. once you kinda have it down using a more challenging weight will show you your flaws/inefficiencies really quick! my son (13) does these for warm ups every weight lifting day. i do them in a circuit:

                    --turkish get up with a press (down and up) when you get to the top 3 reps each side
                    --immediately sprint 40yds
                    --lunge back to start
                    --sit outs/hip outs or "dead bugs" style movement 20seconds
                    --standing ballistic side bends (bob and weave motion)20 seconds
                    --easy jog in place with arm circles or dynamic/swinging stretches full body for "rest" 1 minute
                    repeat series 1-5 times

                    Yaish, try it with a sand bag that has some slack in it and the bag will just mold around your hand/fist or rather than locking out to an overhead just start with the bag on your belly/chest and sling it to your shoulder as you transition into standing position.


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                      Originally posted by Mike Gager View Post
                      do you work at getting faster doing them or is it the amount of weight that you increase while keeping speed the same?

                      id imagine once you got the technique down you could increase your speed
                      Don't go for speed. Aside from strength, this is an exercise in full body control, stability, and balance. Generally, one measures progress on turkish get-ups based on how much weight they use, and how fluid and "in control" they are from start to finish.


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                        Hi Al

                        I've attempted Turkish get-ups once (with a 10kg KB). I tried very hard to maintain form but found I was quite wobbly. I learned about get-ups in the book From Russia With Tough Love by Pavel Tsouline (spelling?). I did not feel confident doing them and still don't. Right now I'm doing KB very low squats, Assisted Pull-ups (yay!) and knee push-ups. I'm getting stronger and will definitely attempt get-ups again when I feel ready. I'm an absolute believer in Pavel and Kettlebells and greasing the groove.

                        Thanks for putting get-ups back on my radar!

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                          Al - nice way to add a different (and more complicted dimension) by using the barbell.

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                            I was at the gym last summer when an older lady fell in the aerobics room during a step class and hurt her arm, so the paramedics came. These two big burly paramedics saw me doing my Turkish get-ups (with a dinky 10-lb dummbell) and asked me what the exercise was and what other 'cool' exercises I was also doing. And they actually took out a pen and paper and wrote everything down! I haven't done them in a long while, I think it's time to bring them back into my repertoire!


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                              I really want to intergrate TGU's into my KB routine, but the one time I tried with a DVD it felt so awkward. I should print out an instruction, and just have a relaxing session in the gym learning the move & then start using it.
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