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    We all know public playgrounds are intended for children, but I'll be within walking distance from one today and was wondering if it would be a smart idea to use it for my workout. Aside from maybe getting some weird looks from people that see me (especially if there happen to be kids using it at the same time, which I pretty much never see anyway), is there anything I should be aware of?

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    i think this is great. the park near me is pretty low to the ground without a lot of things to climb, but i would love to have a local park where i can get a good workout. parks are great for pull ups, chin ups, inverted rows, dips, sprints, crawling, etc. you can get a great workout at a decent neighborhood park.


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      This is why I love taking my daughter to the playground. My play with her is my workout and she loves it. Just be careful if you are at a playground without a kid in tow. It could look awfully strange at a busy playground.
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        If you're obviously working out, I don't think anyone would care (besides looking a little out of place). If you're standing around awkwardly or looking at other people's children while you're working out, then it could concern some parents.

        But, you said it's usually pretty empty, so I think you're safe. I love using playgrounds for gyms


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          That is exactly what I do. The timing can get tricky when school is in session, but usually in late evening there's nobody there. Sometimes I even take a turn on the swingset for old time's sake.


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            Don't wave candies around and wear clothes under your trenchcoat, you should be okay.


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              I do most of my workouts at the playground. Check this out to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

              Originally posted by Winterbike View Post
              Don't wave candies around and wear clothes under your trenchcoat, you should be okay.

              There are some parks that do not allow adults to be there unless they are with kids, so make sure to read the signs.
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                I took in a playground workout myself and some little one's with their moms all doing our own thing.

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                  My house and 3 others back onto a park, theres never anyone there, I use it for pull ups and rows. Only time other have been others there its high school kids loitering.
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                    I think I'm the only person in my village who uses the public playground. I'm 30. In all seriousness though, it's kinda sad... I've been doing workouts there for years, plus I run and drive by it frequently -- haven't seen a child there once.


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                      Well I gave it my best shot...I probably could have gotten more creative with my exercises but I didn't want to hurt myself. It was actually a playground I used to play in as a kid occasionally (by my grandparents'). It's...a lot smaller than I remember. lol

                      I think I might just find a real gym that works for me in the near future.