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    I have been Primal for a month now, feeling great, I have always been in the weight room since I was 17 so nothing is too new for me. I lost 18 pounds of fat, and I am almost at my ideal weight. I want to kick butt this August but I'm having trouble with my workout plan, right now it follows like this:
    S- Sprints
    M- LHT
    T - swim/hike
    w - LHT
    th- swim/hike
    f- LHT
    s- swim/hike

    I want to keep lifting 3 days a week because my main goal is strength, but I was wondering if everyone thinks if my new plan is too much. I'm trying to keep with the rest rules for the blueprint but, I'm also pretty confident my body can take it: Here is my plan

    S- Rest/ Low level
    M- LHT
    T- Sprint
    W- LHT
    TH - Low Level
    F- LHT
    S - HIIT


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    that's pretty much my week exactly, only i spend saturdays on a mountain instead of hiit. it works great for me; i have tons of energy, i continue to lose fat and get stronger, and i have a lot of fun.
    what sort of lifting will you be doing?


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      Awesome, I just didn't know if it would be too much on my muscles, Mark suggest more rest it seems but, I really want two sprint days or at least one sprint and one HIIT, just to get rid of that extra fat.

      M - Squat, Pull ups, One arm press, Dip, DB Snatch Turkish get up or plank
      W - Squat, Dead, Bench, Chin up, Clean, Turkish get up or plank
      F - Squat, Pull up, Incline DB, Row, Push Press, Turkish get up or plank