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  • Sprint workout?

    What does everyone do for theirs? I usually do 10-15 sec hill sprints with a 30 sec rest in between, ten rounds. Or tabata swings, burpees, jump rope circuits.

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    I do four to five sets of 20 seconds, then about one minute of rest. Interesting that our numbers reflect the idea of recovery time being longer for a lengthier exertion. I do hills, too, and my hill sprints are also in the fifteen second range but recovery is more like 45 seconds for me so far, so perhaps I'm just a lightweight after all.

    I usually end up three blocks from where I started with each set. It's a little disorienting. My brain has yet to understand that my body can do that. But I've only been doing sprints for a few weeks. Hopefully I'll get up to the seven or eight set league soon enough. And as for the barefoot academy, I just recently enrolled and my feet are still taking prerequisites.
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      I have a soccer field round the corner so I do four laps sprinting the long sides and walking the short.


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        I do them in a water "aerobic" sprint class. About 8 sprints. Mostly 30 seconds, but sometimes she has us do 1 minute ones. I put aerobics in parentheses because it is really a sprint class with some resistance, stretching, aerobics and anything else the instructor can throw in.
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          I really like my workout of 8 100m repeats on the local highschool track. I just jog the turns and sprint the straights for 4 laps.

          Other than that there is a golf course near where I live and it has a nice, long, moderately steep hill. I'll sprint up and down it barefoot (alternating, with 30 sec rests in between). I find downhill sprints to be amazing for increasing leg turnover (just be careful the hill isn't too steep).


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            I run my sprints on the beach in the soft sand and go to different locations. Depending on which beach I go to (and my mood), the sprints can last for 5 seconds to roughly 30 seconds (I'm guessing since I don't time them). I use the garbage cans as markers that are placed along the beach which are at different increments so I sprint one, walk one. This varies my sprint time/distance and my recovery time/distance and it makes it feel more natural for me.

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              Hill sprints are my favoured tipple. 20 - 30 seconds of max effort with a 2 min walk back down the said hill. Ten to twenty mins of this is enough to feel I've had a decent workout.


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                I'm 59, and trying to get moving again. I use rowing machines at the gym. Easy on my still re-developing feet, and knee joints. I warm up at 24 strokes per minute for 5 minutes. 'Sprint' for 30-45 seconds (about 40 SPM), back to 24 SPM for 60 seconds, Sprint 30, Easy for 60, Sprint for 30. I'm working on extending my 'sprint' time, but this is a 'heavy' workout for me, as it makes my quite tired, but GOOD tired. The more I move, the better I move (and feel). I love that I can pump out 40 regular push-ups, rest, and pop out 35 more. Ihaven't been able to do that in about 20 years!