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    Last year this time i was 18kg heavier and couldnt do 5 minutes on the elliptical without feeling like i would die - I lost weight with a low carb, no sugar, low dairy diet and felt much better - a month ago i went primal and my fitness has reached a whole new level. I move slowly on the elliptical and bike for ages - After my sprint sessions i feel like i can do even more - lifting heavy things are also so much easier - its really amazing to be able to do things when previously i felt my body was letting me down. Even though i was hoping to lose my last 6 kgs, for this past month my weight has not changed but i have lost cm's and i feel leaner. I love exercise () and my new lifestyle.

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    That's awesome!


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        Congratulations Nuraan! I bet you look great too! 18kg is amazing stuff. You probably stayed the same weight as you replaced fat with muscle!
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          Thanks, thats what i'm hoping LOL


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                Grat Nuraan! Congratulations for your results!


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                  Woo hoo!!
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                    Congrats on sticking to it and getting results.