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Help me plan my PWO nutrition.

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  • Help me plan my PWO nutrition.

    Here's my problem. I live 30 minutes from the armpit of nowhere.

    My gym is about 40 minutes from where I live.

    I'm struggling with the best way to handle eating after my workout.

    Right now, I've been grabbing something at a restaurant. It's not optimal, or not even smart, I just need something.

    I have no fridge or microwave access unless I drive home.

    Any ideas for the best way to handle this? The goal, for the record, is to get lean.

    Should I pre-cook a batch of sweet potatoes and keep them with me in a lunch box, and just eat them cold?

    I guess I could pack canned fish or chicken and eat those.

    I'm struggling to have a good plan, and I'd love some input.

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    Bring a large salad with some meat.
    That should do the trick if not meat bring a large salad some berries and some olive oil.


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      I like that idea. Easy to execute too.

      If I do berries and olive oil, is there enough fat there? Do I need any walnuts or anything?


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        If it's post work out you could either go the fatty route or the small carb route to help with the depleted muscles.
        That's not to say go back to eating 200+carbohydrates a day..


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          Oh lord, I feel too crappy and get too fat on that to know better.

          I've been doing more metcon type stuff lately, and I've felt WAY in need of food after I get done, so I want to make sure I've got a good plan so I don't make bad choices.