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Primal Back Pain

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  • Primal Back Pain

    I so want to sprint and run and jump and play, but I always have this incredibly sore back. I"m working out but often moderating my program to accommodate the back pain. I know every sore back is different, but what can I do?

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    See a specialist and find out what the problem is.
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      I DO TOO, but i have f*cked up knees so i cant... find stuff you can do that doesnt hurt
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        If its sore or aching muscles, google mobilityWOD and check it out. Tons of movies about stretching and how muscles interact. If you have spinal issues, definitely get that checked by a pro.
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          I suffered from really bad back pain for years. I knew the cause of my pain, a herniated disc in my lumber region, but I couldn't do anything about it. Cortisone injections helped temporarily, but they were less effective as time went on. Eventually, after various massage therapists and chiropractors and osteopaths who all claimed they could fix my pain, and the constant recommendations of yoga, pilates, or whatever "strengthening" exercise from all my self appointed expert friends, the thing that finally helped was to cease all attempted treatments.
          I cut out all activity, particularly anything that put stress on my back (I would still take walks). I did a short series of stretches at least once a day. All the stretches were performed while lying flat. Basically it was just knee to chest, knee to opposite shoulder, foot crossed over knee and pulled (lightly) to chest, and legs pulled straight up with a strap to stretch the hamstrings. I identified which side of my body was tighter and stretched it twice as often to try to balance it out. I stayed as well hydrated as I could. It was important when doing the stretches that I took it easy, not trying to go to deep, and let my back relax as best I could.
          This worked amazingly well for me, and within a couple of weeks I felt better than I had in years and was soon back to normal levels of activity, but with much less pain than before. I don't think this is some sort of panacea; I'm sure that my back was in some way ready to be healed, (and as you said, all backs are different) but I think an important thing to keep in mind is that sometimes "treatments" can merely irritate an existing problem, causing more inflammation and more pain. Before any kind of active therapy can work I think the inflammation needs to be reduced.

          I hope you manage to alleviate your pain. I know how debilitating and frustrating a bad back can be. Good luck!


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            Where is your back is sore?
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