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Aching from frustration (and shoulder pain)

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  • Aching from frustration (and shoulder pain)

    Hurt rotator cuff and those back muscles a while back. Pushed too hard with the kettlebells one day, form got sloppy, snatched wrong, and here I am 6 weeks later.

    Was feeling fine after about 5 weeks, gave it an extra week, thought it would be fine to test the waters last night.

    Used my wife's 15 pounder. Kept everything light, and reps short.

    Today doesn't hurt hurt. But it doesn't feel good, and my sense it to leave the shoulder alone for a while yet.

    I'm insanely frustrated.
    Can anyone recommend some stuff to do while the shoulder's healing? Just the cardio and occasional leg lifting is driving me nuts.

    Think it's ok to try curls or other arm stuff that mostly leaves the shoulder alone?

    Absolutely nothing to do for the chest, I assume...

    Any thoughts?

    Lost over 40 pounds since January, and was really rebuilding the body I had in college. This pit stop is infuriating.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Do a full workout with the other arm.
    Then light 'rehab' stuff for the bad side.


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      That's not a bad idea. Won't it be ridiculous, though, to have one buff arm? But I guess it's a good point. One good arm is better then none.
      Honestly, that's the first time anyone suggested that, and it seems obvious, really.


      Any other suggestions of primal activities? Any thoughts on yoga and tai chi and stuff on the supraspinatus and rotator cuff?


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        Took me more than a year of re-injuring my bad shoulder to come up with it for myself!


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          Does this mean I need to learn to do one-armed pushups? Feeling frisky after losing 30 lbs on the PB, I decided to play tennis with my hubs and buggered up my left elbow. I've done minimal upper body work since so maybe hauling out one dumbbell for now is better than none.
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