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Fitness ebook sprinting question

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  • Fitness ebook sprinting question

    In Mark's ebook on fitness in the sprint section he has a Novice, Intermediate and Advanced section. He breaks down each section by Workout 1, 2, and 3. My question is: when you get to the "intermediate" section, are you supposed to do all 3 workouts as a part of your workout, or are you to choose one of the 3? And when you get to the Advanced section are you supposed to pick one of the workouts or do all 3 of the intermediate AND the 3 in the advanced workouts in one session?

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    don't do all three...that would kind of nuts. one workout at a if tuesday is your sprint day, just do workout 1. i had to go back and check, but it looks like those are progressive levels, so start with workout 1 and when you're comfortable with it move onto #2, and so on. or, you could just mix them up and rotate them each week.
    personally, i sort of skipped over this part of mark's fitness book. i just went outside and ran as fast as i could a bunch of times. i try to make my sprint workout the most primal of everything i do: i go barefoot on a field, pretend like something is chasing me, then walk back to the starting line for at least ten sprints. i'm beat at the end, my heart is pumping hard, and i call it a good workout.


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      I agree.
      One per day(probably per week) done progressively.
      Don't progress til you're comfortable skill-wise.


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        Excellent... thanks for the response. I was getting kind of worried that in the advanced section I needed to do all 6 workouts.