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A Question About Workout supplements

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  • A Question About Workout supplements

    I've gotten into the primal lifestyle (go wholefoods!), and have been working a routine:

    Thurday- HIT bodyweight training
    Sunday- Sprints

    There's a lot of noise on the internet about whether or not i should be taking pre/post workout supplements. Can I get some directions on this?


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    Personally, I've tried some preworkout supplements that were loaded with caffeine and I hated them. I don't drink soda or coffee, so I am not used to caffeine. I felt jittery, my skin crawled, and my mind was racing to the point that I couldn't focus on my lifting. I felt a little stronger and was able to lift more, but it felt very chaotic. If you have a higher tolerance for caffeine, you may get different results. But I don't want to try any more caffeine ever again.


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      1) do you need supplements? No. Absolutely not.
      2) Do they help? Possibly. I work out fasted so I take some branch chain amino acids. Do I need them? Feh, who knows. Probably not. I doubt I'll buy another bottle.
      3) If we're talking protein, plain whey protein powder is very useful if one doesn't have the time to make three high protein meals a day. Is it necessary? Again, no. But I'm a fan and use it several times a week.

      Any other supplement is garbage. I use caffeine before I work out. As in, I have a cup of coffee, because otherwise I'm not awake to lift. Al Kavadlo has a great post on supplements. The only issue I disagree with is with regard to protein powder. Get plain whey protein and mix it with milk and you're set. That said, a cup of a good greek yogurt has 24 grams of protein, so you probably don't even need the whey.


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        Two cups of Greek Yogurt is like $5. Whey is much cheaper.

        Drink coffee or take a caffeine pill(check online) preworkout. Drink 20-30g protein with 60g carbs postworkout. That is the normal recommendation for muscle building.


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          I say you don't need 'em! Check out this blog I wrote about why I don't use exercise supplements.
          "In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they couldn't be more different."

          "You can have anything you want, but you can't have everything you want."

          My blog: