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Quicker recovery thanks to PB ?

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  • Quicker recovery thanks to PB ?

    I cut out all grains and most dairy around 18 months ago, though I can't yet describe myself as fully PB ( no meat as yet ). However I have shared the health benefits so eloquently described by you all here.

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to venture back onto the squash court, having not played at all for 3 years, although I used to play at semipro level in my youth. I was pretty apprehensive as I know from bitter experience what a tough game it is physically, and I was expecting all kinds of stiffness and soreness afterwards. 3 games later and I've experienced no side effects whatsoever ! Although I've kept myself in decent shape with a lot of cycling, and I've got down to my best fighting weight thanks to PB, I'm very surprised, and can only think it's due to the elimination of grains reducing inflammation maybe ?

    I wonder if anyone else has an explanation, and if others have noticed faster recovery periods after training since going PB ?

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    Hi davidy48, I have been following PB for nearly a month and I'm already noticing faster recovery rate from aches and pains associated with exertion. Oh, and I'm not in decent shape at the moment

    Unfortunately, I don't have an explanation - however, I know protein builds and repairs muscle and carb exacerbates inflammation.


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      I used to be quite sore after heavy workouts and suffered often from tendonitis and other similar ailments but last 4 months have been unusually easy and painless for me although I've upped both intensity and frequency of my workouts.

      However I'm quite sure it's not only because of cutting carbs in my diet but maybe even more important contributor being regular supplementation in fish oil. I really felt the difference after starting taking my daily doses.

      Summa summarum - in my opinion both contributed towards reduction in inflammation.


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        I think being primal has a lot to do with faster recovery, both as far as soreness is concerned as well as injuries.

        I play rugby and I definitely have noticed a change in how I feel the day after a game (hangovers aside, of course ... I definitely recover quicker now than when I started playing (before I went primal).

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          I have noticed something similar!

          In the last two weeks (I've been flexing my primal muscle since thanksgiving) I've found that I too have crazy fast recovery. I can't tell you how often someone at my gym will say, "Man aren't your (body part/s) sore from that last WOD?!!" And I'll think about it and confidently say, "Nope. A little stiffer than usual I guess maybe."

          HURRAY!! I didn't put it together until the 4th time it happened. Even the Zoners in my class have been sore!

          MY humble guess is that my body is TEEMING and coursing with amino acids to fix any muscle that's being damaged (ie worked) and b/c my daily carb count is lower than ever before (30-90g a day) my body's overall level of inflammation is down. I'm guessing that if you have an inflammed body and then you damage muscles it just may be a recipe for soreness.

          Just a thought.

          Isn't it nice though to say, "nope, not sore at all!"


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            why no meat?

            What are you using for protien then?


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              I have noticed the same exact thing...maybe the grains? also though I ran a lot (and still do and will) I think the addition of weights is super for recovery.

              And I get the no meat thing...I even tried expensive grass fed cuts...I think its revolting and I wont eat something I dont enjoy. (not being moral or preachy, its just the idea of eating a dead carcass)

              As Ive cut back on beans I take more high protein yogurt and eggs...

              but yes what are you doing?