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    I have been doing the Primal Blueprint Fitness program and would like to add a workour to the schedule. I want to add either a sprint day or a LHT day. Any suggestions or recommendations on which one would be better to add? I am looking to lose fat as well as build strength.

    Maybe I should add a day of LHT one week and add a Sprint day the next week and alternate. Anybody have experience with this?

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    can't really suggest what to add or how much without seeing what you're currently doing. if it helps, here's my schedule for working out (i either do PBF, simple fit, or a variety of exercises for my LHT days...pretty all bodyweight/weighted/sandbag though):

    monday: LHT
    tuesday: sprint
    wednesday: LHT
    thursday: no planned activity, but i'm usually doing some play
    friday: LHT
    saturday: no planned activity, or a hike
    sunday: sit on the couch and groan about having to go back to work on monday

    3 LHT days and 1 sprint day with plenty of walking/hiking/biking works well for me. i could probably add another sprint day if i were interested in a specific sport, but i think once a week is plenty.


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      I am basically doing the same routine as you with one less LHT day. I do Monday and Thursday LHT but I was thinking of shifting and doing pretty much what you do. So, the 48 hours is sufficient rest between LHT days? I am coming from about a year of P90x so anything is better than that.


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        48 hours is plenty. i probably needed a little more at first, but i'm at the point now where i can do wildly different workout on those three days and still have plenty of energy and no soreness by the time the next one comes. taking thursdays and sundays to walk or play is key though...that monday - wednesday streak can really tire me out.