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  • post exercise nausea/vomiting

    Anyone have this happen to them? I lifted heavy today (deadlift 240 lbs x 8 reps (not my heaviest, but heavy enough)) and I was blowing hard at the end. Then some overhead press, rows, and some incline press. By the end I was a bit overexerted and was puking when I got home. Has this happened to anyone else? I worked out fasted as I usually do. What can I do other than not overexert? Thanks.

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    This happens to everyone now and then. It is a good thing, as you now know you have pushed to the limit of your body's ability. The same thing happened to me this weekend as I out sprinted a guy at the line of a Tri. I would not reccomend pushing to that point all the time, but once in a while is ok.
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      Yep, I have to do deads or squats last 'cause if I go too hard I have to sit with my head between my knees for 10 minutes before I can even walk away without feeling like I'm going to pass out. No way I'm tough enough to finish a workout after that.

      At one point I actually set a heart rate monitor to beep if I hit 95% of age calculated max so I'd stop before wasting myself.

      "puking after squats" has been a badge of courage in the bodybuilding world for decades.

      I've never seen an authoritative explanation of why this happens or what to do about it


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        Originally posted by bcbcbc2 View Post
        "puking after squats" has been a badge of courage in the bodybuilding world for decades.
        I have earned this badge many times. LOL.

        I once had a very knowledgeable friend tell me that the nausea comes from fat oxidation (at a high rate apparently). The nausea and actually puking are not directly related. The theory that I have heard (not from the knowledgeable friend) is that when you do puke it is because your CNS is so taxed that it actually thinks that it is sick. Part of your body's mechanism for removing poisons (when you are sick or drunk) is to expel whatever is in your stomach all over the floor/wall/ceiling/people within close proximity. Just a theory tho.
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          the CNS one makes sense, I was pretty gone after the deads. And my last set of OHP had me seeing stars too. Probably should have stopped at that point. Didn't really need the rows and incline bench. Live and learn.