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moving slowly - still confused on how to accomplish this

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  • moving slowly - still confused on how to accomplish this

    3 days a week - lifting heavy things - Starting Strength - 3x5

    However, I still need to get my "moving slowly" - I'm in college - so unsure where to get this from. I'm a recovering chronic cardio-er and still feel the urge to do it sometimes - what about 1-2 cardio sessions of 20 mins HIIT + 20 mins elliptical at moderate.

    Otherwise, is moving slowly - grocery shopping, walking? Or should I take up a sport - moving slowly is the part that baffles me the most. need help for this.

    It should be noted that my resting hearting rate is pretty damn low - 50/min (prob not that low on this forum).

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    the answer to most of this is...yeah.

    you can definitely add some cardio--running, biking, whatever--and not get into chronic cardio as long as you're not pushing hard for a long time every day. if you keep your pace in check, this could account for your moving slowly. you can also just walk more. leave for class 20 minutes earlier and take a lap around campus. sports are good too. find some friends and get a pick up game going.
    1 sprint session per week is adequate. 2 is fine if you can handle it, but 1 is good enough. try sprinting over the elliptical. an elliptical is fine for moving slowly and getting to watch tv at the same time (though a stationary bike is better IMO), but for any sprinting or HIIT workout you really want to get out there and move your body.


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      For me, moving slowly is a 20 minute walk at lunch time and 20 minutes on my recumbent bike in the evening. Moving slowly is my favourite form of exercise
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        My own "moving slowly" consists of lots of walking. Nothing fancy about it. I just get out and walk around the neighborhood several times a day, take lunch time walks at work, walk my dog the half mile to the vet instead of driving there, etc.

        As a college student, you might already be doing a lot of moving slowly if you're on a big campus and your classes are spread around. The free e-book available on this site recommends 3-5 hours a week of low level aerobic activity: walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, working in the garden, golfing, etc.
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          Also 5 hours is not the maximum you can do which has confused people in the past - I walk the dogs for 30 mins in the morning and swim for 30 mins in the evening to destress from work - other than that if I fancy it I do it - I think the key thing is a mental shift - get out of the "I must do 2 hours of hard cardio per day just to keep fit even though its boring and I hate it" way of thinking.

          Other than that if you fancy an all day hike, game of tennis etc - do it - just count it as fun
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            Real HIIT is not MS. That would be your sprint day.

            If you have high goals for strength or mass you might want to put everything else on hold and just run SS for maximum results.

            I wouldn't recommend that for the old and fat(my group) but you sound young and generally fit