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Low bar squat and butt-wink help

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  • Low bar squat and butt-wink help

    So I was recently informed by my training partner that I have a butt-wink and while I haven't experienced any pain I'm afraid of the lower back rounding injuring me eventually and need help fixing it.
    I tried taping two sets on my phone (pardon the bad quality, angle, silly squat rack blocking the view etc).

    First is 60kg warmup.
    Squat60kg.mp4 video by PandadudeSP - Photobucket

    2nd. is 100kg working set, wasn't really focused on just lifting the weights so missed what was supposed to be 5 reps. Butt-winking is less pronounced but it's there.
    Squat100kg.mp4 video by PandadudeSP - Photobucket

    I guess the problem came to when I started doing low bar squats. While I haven't done them in a while I don't believe I experienced the wink when I did high bar or front squats (although I had a tendency to lean forward and good-morning a bit).

    I guess there are a few possible causes.
    Flexibility issue: Many people say its caused by poor hamstring flexibility but I can almost place my hands flat on the floor standing with straight legs. Dunno about other muscle groups, but I can sit in a 3rd world squat comfortably for many minutes.

    Bad cues/form: I "sit back" and "shove my knees out", maybe some different cues would help? My feet are about shoulder width and pointed out quite a bit, and I tend to lean forward quite a bit. My depth looks fine imo, and if I don't go as low I get no rebound out of the hole. My knees don't really move out past my feet a lot, probably due to squatting in vibrams. An olympic lifting shoe with a raised heel would make knees move out further and make my back more vertical, but not planning on becoming a powerlifter so would rather use the dough on other stuff.

    Muscle activation: I'm sortof leaning towards this as the prime culprit. I just tried today and I can't really tighten my lower back much. Tigthening my abbs sortof tightens my lower back a bit but I can't "flex" my lower back like I can my upper back, lats, pecs etc. As for my glutes, I can tighten them just fine if I'm standing or sitting but I can't control or feel them at all when I'm in the bottom of the squat.

    Very long-winded but I like squatting and don't want to give it up! May post it on the starting strength forum but an admin has to look at my application and stuff before I can post and I feel more comfortable here anyways =)

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    First off, that's some pretty minor tail-tucking(term I leaned). You can try widening your stance slightly. For a cue, you could try "arch". If it's a flexability issue, I'd wager it's in the hips rather than hammies. With low-bar squats that's where it usually is. I use a stretch where I place one knee on the ground, the other foot in front of it, and lean forward, stretching the crease of my hip. That might help.
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