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    I'm pretty new to the whole PB thing. I love it so far, but I still can't get myself to consistently work out. I am in pretty decent shape (having been a swimmer my whole life), but I have definitely put on some pounds in the past couple of years. My problem seems to be that I just don't enjoy any workouts I know. I get home from work and do not want to do anything just about every day. Any suggestions? I think I may just need some discipline/structure, but programs like CrossFit are too damn expensive. Perhaps the endless flow of energy has not yet kicked in?

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    I am stuck in that same rut. Long work hours, bloody hot as hell outside, boredom with workout options... just no motivation lately. I am definitely not disciplined enough to really work out at home, and it's just not friendly outside. What I wouldn't give for a gym membership.


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      It's a catch 22. (at least for me) If I don't work out, I don't feel like working out, so I don't work out. Dig? I recently started Crossfit (yes, not cheap) and am finding out that the more I move and exercise, the more I want to move so it's worth it to me to have some structure (and variety).


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        The basic Primal Blueprint exercise program is designed to let you blow through it quickly. You will see people in MDA doing balls to the wall exercise like CrossFit but you don't have to. Get it out of the way so you can play.

        Go for a refreshing swim several days a week. Add eight 30 second hard sprints to the swim once or twice a week.
        Blast through a quick body weight session a couple times a week.
        Avoid being sedentary. Look for ways to be active.
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            Find something you enjoy... biking, hiking, rock climbing, swimming, yoga, strongman training, soccer, etc.


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              If you don't feel like it after work, maybe do it before work or even on your lunch break if possible. Or maybe make it a stop on your way home from work. I know when I get home at the end of the day, I also don't want to do anything, so I go to the gym after work, before I get home. It'll be hard to start, but once it becomes a habit, it will require minimal effort to get into the gym. Heck, you might even start to like it!

              A short and intense 20-30 minutes of weight training session a few times a week will do wonders.


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                great, thanks guys


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                  You know that feeling when you haven't showered in a few days for whatever reason and you just can't wait to get a good shower in? that's how I feel if i don't work out for more than a few days. So yeah I can't relate. However, I can relate to not wanting to do something you don't enjoy, the thing is finding something you enjoy and making that your workout.
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                    Somebody once told me that for the first week, it didn't matter if I worked out or not as long as I got changed into my workout gear, got my towel ready and warmed up. I didn't have to do the workout, but once you get in the habit of doing the rest of the things that go along with working out, then the actual working out is easy to do.

                    I also think it helps to have somebody else to work out with, or at least who knows you want to work out. Shame and peer pressure are pretty good motivators.
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                      It helps to just listen to your body. Which part of your body feels the weakest? Go ahead and make it a little stronger today. Then, in a couple of days, you'll be even more prepared for more workouts.

                      I know if I go more than a week or two without working out, I just don't feel like it anymore and have to jump start the habit with a pleasantly grueling day of full-body carnage.

                      But as for the showering analogy, it misses me. After a week without a shower, I lose the desire to bathe at all since my skin feels so happy in its stabilized state. I hate tap water, and I hate scrubbing my skin. If it weren't for the smell, I'd probably only shower once a month to make sure I wasn't nursing some weird colony of microbes somewhere.

                      But, for the record, working out is only a small part of total health. You can lose body fat and keep the muscle you have, and you'll probably look pretty good without needing to bulk up to Jersey Shore magnitudes. Granted, I'm the kind of guy who feels genuinely obligated to maintain the ability to carry another person out of harm's way in an emergency. But that's just me.
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                        What gets me going is that I always, always feel miles better after doing a bodyweight set & taking a quick shower. So when I get home from work and am dead tired, I can motivate myself knowing how I will feel after the fact.


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                          Agreed with everyone's points, but I'd also like to raise the point that maybe it's okay to slow down a bit in the summer. It's so hot that without the unnatural temperature regulation of constant air conditioning, we'd all be slowing down a bit anyway. One of the things my grandparents always say about the difference between now and when they were young was that without air conditioning, everyone used to take their time a bit more in the summer and life had a more mellow quality to it.

                          I'm not saying give up on working out, but for me, for instance, i generally subtract one session a week in each activity. And I go easier depending on how my body is feeling. Maybe instead of running my dog, I walk my dog and generally do more long slow walks than focused workouts.


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                            Can you get your workouts in before work? For me, that's the only way that I can get in - and stay in - a consistent routine. It took a while to adjust, but now I'm up at 5:30 most weekdays to either go to a boot camp class (CrossFit-esque, but not CrossFit) or go for a short run (or run/walk). It also means that I have about a 15 minute window to talk myself out of it; if I try to do something in the evening, I have all day to talk myself out of it!

                            It's a struggle at first, but once I realized how completely amazing I felt after the workout and how much extra energy I had to face the day (not to mention what a great help it was at managing the day's stress), that became my motivator to get up. Getting up because it was good for my overall health and fitness was too "long term" a goal to get me to stop hitting the snooze button, but being able to say "I will feel better today if I get up" works for me.

                            The camaraderie and structure of group classes really helps me, too. Knowing that I won't be doing it alone helps, knowing that I'll get some grief if I disappear for too long, etc., is a motivation for me. I like the folks that lead the classes and I like the folks that are in the classes - we definitely bond.
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                              You must do what appeals. That's the only rule worth following in fitness. Spend a few weeks checking out books and DVDs from the library and find out what captures your imagination. I haven't done a ballet workout. But, I tried everything else I can think of, from Belly Dancing to heavy weight lifting. So far, as far as I know, I hate two things: spinning/cycling (bycicle saddle, yakes!) and pilates (waste of time).

                              Oh, and, in my case, it helps to color it with imagination. I love doing Valkyre workout when I imagine myself raiding and pillaging, while swinging kettlebells, rowing and walking against the current in the pool. I am a fantasy buff, lol.
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