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  • mmmmmm.... Tabata


    I'm on day 15 of the PB diet, feeling great!

    Going to try tabata style weight lifting this evening for the first time. I got an app for my phone.

    I don't own kettleballs, and my gym is rather small. Would I be okay just doing free weight exercising, and some body weight exercises in the tabata style? (Maybe rotate chest flys/presses for the 8 sets, etc)

    For my cardio my typical (non-slow days) is a HIIT workout on the elliptical (I have a bad knee so running hurts, hopefully soon I can incorporate more running however). I do 2 mins high intense, 2 mins slow for about 25 mins plus warmup/cooldown. Should I try higher intensity, shorter intervals?

    Thank you all, This site and what I've read from the book so far has been a fountain of wonderful information!

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    2 minutes is too long to be as high intensity as you want to be. Try 10-20 seconds, as hard as you can go without falling over.

    Tabata is way too intense to do more than a couple of times each week, and the best benefits are going to be from the biggest muscles (sprinting with your legs).

    Great results can be had from bodyweight exercises. Check out Al Kavadlo, a member here with a blog about bodyweight exercises. Freeweights are good too.
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      Body weight tabatas is the way to go. Do pushups, situps, squats and chinups for the best tabata work out. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes per exercise with body weight should be more than enough for anyone. If you don't feel exhausted at the end of it, you are not doing it right. Good luck.