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  • Starting Strength stamina

    I'm having trouble getting through starting strength workouts and always feel extreme tired by my last set of the day. I'm training fasted w/ caffeine, but I only have time early in the morning, so the fasted part is probably going to stay. My strength on the last lift also suffers a lot.

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    Sounds like it might be glycogen depletion, that or you're not resting enough between sets. How much carbs do you eat, and what's your rest time between sets? What weights are you using?


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      Starting Strength is not just about the weights. Are you eating enough? You should be aiming for 1g protein/lb of bodyweight, minimum. And if you're skinny, you should be drinking a ton of milk, like Rip suggests. (If you're over 20% bodyfat, nail the protein and you should be ok).

      And for your post workout meal, eat some starches (sweet potato, white potato, or rice). Your body needs it.


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        The problem is not recovery between workouts, but recovery between sets. I eat plenty of rice and get ~160 grams of protein a day. I also try to rest about 3 minutes between sets, but I get bored if it gets longer than that.

        I'm currently squatting 245, deadlifting 235(low because it's at the end of the workout, at the beginning it's a lot easier), benching 145, press 95, clean 145lbs, pullup 25lbs. I've only started recently but I was doing something similar earlier with the same problem.

        I'll try to get starches in post-workout. Thanks for the reply's so far.

        p.s. I'm around 12% bodyfat.


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          Have a banana before your workout. It's possible your energy level is depleted, especially if you are doing what Rip said and you're squatting every workout first thing. Your numbers on the lifts after the squat are lower than I would expect for someone squatting 245 on a SS protocol. By way of comparison, I'm squatting 245, deadlifting about 260, bench pressing 170 and pressing 115 so I wonder if the lifts you are doing later in the workout are suffering due to energy depletion in the beginning of the workout. A banana pre-workout might help.


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            Yes, the other lifts are definitely suffering due to lack of energy. I recall sitting down dreading my last set of the day for deadlifts just panting for 5 minutes. I tried doing the deadlift first recently and I made a PR no problem. However, my squats suffered. I'll try having a snack.


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              I had a pint of milk before today's workout and it really helped. No more feeling like I'm going to pass out. Thanks!


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                I've moved leg exercises to the end of my workouts, ala Steve Reeves. Makes sense to me. Better than vice versa. Squatting first typically gases you for anything upper body to follow.


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                  It sounds to me like you need to start doing carb refeeds like a lot of us are doing around here. (Chocotaco has written a lot about the subject)


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                    you also could have bumped the weight up too fast for your strength level. Smaller progressions will keep you increasing the weight longer, and subsequently allow you to go heavier before you need to reset.

                    Further, if you're dead tired for the last set you're not resting enough. 3min is the minimum you should rest for a heavy barbell day
                    I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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