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Resisting the urge to work out too much

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  • Resisting the urge to work out too much

    Last night, did sledgehammer slams, super-slow push-ups, and 50'lb sandbag carries up a steep hill (each shoulder, then held in front), repeat.

    The perfect 15-minute workout.. left me in a pool of sweat and barely able to put the key in the ignition to drive home.

    Feel great this morning. Despite some MILD soreness, though, I feel like working out. Probably an urge from my p90x days, where one punished onesself day-in and day-out.

    Guess I should stick to walking though, despite feeling able to work out like that again?

    Or... do I need to push HARDER for a bit longer on WOW days? Or should I sprint today?

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    I used to be in the same boat and I have found that working out every other day has been more beneficial then pounding my body every day. I will do back to back workouts every once in awhile. The norm is to do an intense workout and then move around slowly the next day. No more soreness or chronic injury issues. I have always heard that you build muscle on rest days and that is what I have seen.
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      I seriously overdid it after going primal and suffered exhaustion. If I were you, I'd go for a nice, slow walk and relax.


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        I found once my workouts where hard enough, and programmed for a goal, my urge to over-exercise greatly diminished.
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          You could practice different movements (in lieu of "work different muscles") such as pull-ups for instance since your workout the other day didn't directly target the back and biceps. I'd take advantage of the energy for now, then maybe rest the following day if you're not feeling as pumped up, etc.

          I wouldn't sprint after a day of uphill sandbag carries, or any leg work for that matter.

          mental note: do sandbag carries.
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            Get an additional hobby so you have something to do on offdays


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              Well, as the day has gone on, I'm "feeling" yesterday's workout a bit more!

              So will be taking a nice stroll this evening. I guess yesterday's workout was "just right!"