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Recommendations for a former collegiate swimmer?

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  • Recommendations for a former collegiate swimmer?

    Summary: I was a competitive swimmer for 18 years and have never been able to really be "trim". I'd like some suggestions on if the typical workouts featured here will help me due to having what I'd guess is a different fitness background from most people.

    A friend of mine who is very into crossift and paleo/primal recommended me here, and so far I've been seeing a lot of things that definitely sound like something to try.

    My background:

    I've been a competitive swimming since I was very young, and swam all the way through college at an NCAA D1 school. Throughout that time, I ate a ton of carbohydrates in order to support my daily energy expenditure. I was an excellent swimmer, but when I stood on the blocks next to the guys who were ripped, seeing their bodies next to my kinda flabby one was always kinda sad. However, when I tried to decrease my calorie intake, I found I didn't have the energy to perform in practices.

    After college, I continued to eat something like 4-5k calories a day, and quickly gained a lot of weight, skyrocketing from 190 to 230 or so. I realized something needed to change so I cut back and was eating something like 1800 a day, which brought me back down to around 200.

    Here's where I need your help...

    I had been running/jogging 4-5 times a week, doing maybe 3-4 miles each time at around a 9 minute pace. I have very flat feet, so I end up getting running shoes that go even further against the kinds of things that are suggested on this site.

    I have a membership to a gym with extensive weightlifting facilities.

    I've seen in a number of posts that highly aerobic people have different needs and may in fact need to do some extended aerobic activities. I was hoping that with this background someone could suggest to me what kinds of things I need to be doing in order to help me decrease fat and increase lean muscle.

    Sorry if that was kinda rambling...I just don't want to commit to what I'd expect to be a pretty rigorous routine without asking to see if anyone had some advice first.


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    Diet is #1
    Strength training is #2 (mark ripptoe, starting strength)
    Sprinting is #3


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      Also, it's not all that rigorous of a routine. It's mostly walking, with a couple of lifting and sprinting sessions each week.

      Fix your diet and you will see results.

      You are likely overtraining, or at the very least, training more than you need.

      Make sure you read everything you can find on the site, in addition to getting the book. This is a good one to start with: