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    Hope everyone had a great Fourth! As for myself, I took a stand up paddleboard lesson on Friday last weekend and will be taking one more tomorrow (more of a tour than a lesson, to get familiar with the paddle areas in my neck of the woods)! At any rate, in about a month or so I will probably be purchasing my own SUP and I have begun research into it. Curious if any of you MDAer's out there SUP? If so, any tips on what I should look for in my first board? I am a 5'1'' female, about 132 right now, probably will be weighing less soon. The board I took my first lesson on was I THINK 10'-ish and felt pretty good, but didn't have any grip on it. Any info you guys have would be great! Cheers!
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    That response is odd.

    I WISH I could get my own board. They're so expensive! I want to participate in the Waterman's 5k but would need my own to do it.

    If you're still thinking about it, keep in mind that they come in different stabilities. You can get a less stable, more fast one, a more stable, slower one (probably what you used), and uber stable ones that are kind of hard to maneuver, like people do yoga on.

    I'd recommend trying them out at a shop that lets you do that, and then getting one that feels a little uncomfortable but not to the point that it'll deter you from using it. That way your skills can grow into it.


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      I have three SUPs, one a 10 foot surf sup (corban), a 10'11" PSH surf SUP (great board) and a 14" race/downwinder board.

      All depends on what you want to do if its Surf any of the 9 foot plus Starboards widepoints will suit your size and weight. If its racing touring look for a 12'6" or 14" race or downwinder board's but remember that you still need it light enough to get it on/off roof, store at home, carry to waters edge. A race or touring/downwinder will be faster on flat water and better for long paddles

      My wife is similar size and can paddle a 9' surf sup no problems in flat water. Suggest you demo a few from shop to get a feel for what will suit you. Its a great sport I luv paddling my 14 footer along the coast on flat no wind days, I can see all the reef and fish and living in west australia spot the great whites sharks before they get too close.... (tragically we had another attack last weekend just up the coast) :-(

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        Hey there!

        So I am a very active paddler and have several boards: an 8-0 L41 SimSUP (surf), a 10-6 Laird (surf), a 14 bark (race), and a 14 Naish glide (downwinder). and can tell you that will outgrow your first board if you buy one you are comfortable on now. Test as many as possible, the learning curve is steep and you need to determine what you want to do with it. You are in seattle which means surfing is out, but cruising is fun and there is a great race scene there. I would lean towards the 12-6 or maybe 14 race class for flatwater since you can cruise and train, but also enter races if you want to. They are fast, fun and light (if a bit more expensive).

        Also check with your local shop- they often have frequent renter programs or apply rental fees to the purchase of a board.

        Keep with it and enjoy the stoke!
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          Originally posted by Reese View Post
          I WISH I could get my own board. They're so expensive!
          I thought the same thing last summer. I found 2 used circa 1980s windsurfers on kijiji and scored them for $35 a pop. Made myself 2 tall paddles and away I went. I am from Canada, just east of the Rockies so no surfing for me. I am out on flatwater all the time, having a blast. Have had some great days down some of the rivers too. Many of my friends and family have had a blast on them.

          I am sure that having a good board is going to make a big difference, and in Hawaii I got to surf on some nice, honest SUPs, and the difference was tremendous. But I just wanted to chime in and say, get out there and do it on whatever you can afford/find/like. Hell, it is my favourite way to float now and I wouldn't have got into it this quick if I had to spend a grand.

          Have fun!