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    Mark states that he exercises so he can play harder. I am personally not a 'play' type person, can I just substitute for some other form of exercise? For an example I enjoy things like Tae-Bo and aerobics, maybe these would be ok to substitute instead??

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    The "play" aspect of it means that it is fun for you and you do it for enjoyment, not strictly for exercise purposes. If you enjoy those things, then they are play for you.


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      tae-bo and aerobics are great as play, or moving slowly...possibly even sprinting if you're working hard enough (but that's unlikely). that's really important, but part of the primal blueprint is lifting heavy things, which is why mark put his fitness program together. you don't have to do PBF, but it is a good idea to do some kind of resistance training. it's not just to be able to play better; you also strengthen your muscles, your bones, improve function and flexibility...the list goes on.


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        Thanks for that guys

        J - Your right! I was actually thinking of 'play' as in running round the back yard playing frisbee or something! (not really my cup of tea) LOL. I wasn't really thinking of it just being something I enjoyed doing I get the most enjoyment from resistance training but would have to make sure I didn't go overboard on it as I know that the benefits of it come at rest.

        Primalrob - Heavy lifting/resistance/weight training is my number 1 fave thing to do. My problem is making make sure that I don't overdo it. I have just purchased myself a doorway chin up bar and look forward to the muscles that will follow This female isn't frightened of getting big muscles, I actually want them!
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