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Kettlebells/jumprope circuit

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  • Kettlebells/jumprope circuit

    I've noticed a few, but not many, kettlebell routines listed so I thought some folks might like mine. Jump rope for a song,(I always workout to music) like a 3 minuter or whatever you like, then do Pass arounds 10 left to right, 10 right to left. Jump rope one minute, 5 swings left, 5 right. Jump rope. squat/press 5 left/5 right. Jump rope. 5 bent rows left/right. Jump rope . 5 squats holding bell left hand, 5 right. After that, 5 sets of speed jumprope for 30 seconds/ rest 30. Quick, all around body work.

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    I got one that's similar. I set my timer to beep every 30 seconds for 10-minute rounds.

    Round One: I skip rope 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds for 10 minutes.
    Then take a drink, wipe up the sweat, reset the timer.

    Round Two: KB Swings Left for 30 Seconds, Rest for 30, KB Swings Right for 30 seconds and alternate for 10 minutes.
    Then another breather.

    Round Three: KB Snatches Left for 30 seconds, rest 30, right for 30, left for 30, rest 30 -- alternate for 10 minutes.

    I do these at a gym when I can't get outside to do sprints.

    Short, Swift and Simple.
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      Right on! Next workout, I'm giving that a try. Love to mix it up. Later.