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What's a good interval timer / stopwatch?

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  • What's a good interval timer / stopwatch?

    I bought a stopwatch a couple months ago, but it's not sufficient because it doesn't repeat on the interval timer. I have to keep pressing the start button to start another interval. This is impractical because I have to reset the watch at the end of each interval which is a PITA when doing tabata kettelbell swings.

    I need a new stopwatch for tabata training. Anyone have any recommendations?

    I researched the GymBoss which looks pretty good, anyone have one of these? Is there something better? What do you use?

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    I've had a Gymboss for about 2 years, only changed the battery once. It's pretty cheap, durable, small, it's very good all things considered. I believe there are also some apps for things like an Iphone that can do intervals.


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      Good idea. I checked the Android marketplace and downloaded a free app. called Tabata Sprinter by Sean Schulte. The application icon has the primal blueprint grok logo, so I picked that one.


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        My gymboss rocks--no experience w/ anything else though.
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          I already mentioned this in my post about Tabata strength training:

          Tabata Pro - Tabata Timer for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

          Pretty minimalistic and only for Tabata - and not free, but come on, it's a few bucks.

          Workout Trainer für iPhone, iPod touch und iPad im iTunes App Store

          This one is free, but not as minimalistic, and I don't like the "Hi there, I'm Sophia, your virtual personal trainer" approach. :-(
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            Another very nice timer app, not only for Tabata, but also for all kinds of interval training:

            UltraTimer HD für iPad im iTunes App Store

            This is my favorite so far. You can also easily add custom intervals. :-)
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              gymboss has a free ipad app too


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                I'll toss in my endorsement of Gymboss, too. My experience is much the same as JeffC's: have owned one for over two years with one battery change. That includes a few instances in which I forgot to turn the thing off and it stayed on for 24+ hours! Mine's also taken a bit of unintentional abuse in that time frame, but it keeps ticking like new. Well worth getting one.
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                  I like HIIT Interval Timer for Android. Very configurable.
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