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  • Move slowly how frequently?

    Hello all,

    Im relatively new to living Primal and have a few questions about working out. I already workout out with free weights three times per week utilizing full body workouts, should I drop isolation exercises, eg. curls, pushdowns, calf raises etc and make my workouts more abbreviated only doing pushups, pullups, squats, deadlifts and their variants? Also, after my weight training should I do a nice slow bike ride for 30 to 45 minutes or should i do some form of interval sprinting for 10-15 minutes? I typically lift mondays, wednesdays and fridays and go for long slow jog/walks keeping my heart rate between 120 to 139 bpms for approximately 45 to 60 minutes.. Sundays are play days or whatever i feel like. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Oh, please dont recommend to me. I was big into that site before it became popular with the SF and SWAT crowd (to which I belong, SWAT anyway) and I hurt my back really bad, several times!

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    Wolverine155-Dropping the isolation stuff is a pretty good idea I think. Regular free weight compound moves give all muscles a great workout in my opinion. Squats, presses, rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc. are great and functional exercises. I'm not sure the current functional training fad ads more to the average person's life (with the exception of a few exercises) beyond injury rehab. Unstable training (bosu stuff) is definitely a waist of time beyond including it for varieties sake.

    Taking a long slow bike ride post workout is fine if that is what you want to do. I think long slow exercise, like walking, can be done effectively for as much as your schedule will allow. As long as it's not intense work-you can do it every day. If your doing hard weight training three times per week, be careful about doing too much sprint training. You can really kill your legs!!! I would keep the sprint training down to Mark's recommendations-every 7 to 10 days.

    Also, take a look at Dr. Doug McGuff's body by Science stuff. I have incorporated his style of training into my three day per week total body routines. I do his slow rep speed, fast paced machine training once per week and do two periodized, free weight, total body workouts on the other two days. It's a nice change of pace and "feels" totally different than the other workouts. Anyway, hope that helps.


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      I've heard many times that walking, light tennis and basketball, and some easy biking are great to do after an intense weight lifting session. The idea is that you get your HGH pumping with the weight training, then let your body get the full effects of it while burning off some fat with some light activity. Wait an hour or two after weights before you eat anything.

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