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Is trail running primal?

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  • Is trail running primal?

    I'm very interested in starting trail running. It's a lot of fun and I really enjoy it! I'm just curious what effect it will have on my body composition. I plan on keeping my heart rate below 75% of my max. My main concern is that it might spike cortisol and reduce my muscle mass in the long run! Should I be worried about this? I don't want it to have any detrimental effects. What are your thoughts?
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    what distance do you plan on running? you might run into issues if you're doing a lot of daily miles, meaning anything over like... 15-20 miles daily. If you're only doing like 3-5 miles every other day or even once a week you're more than fine.
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      Yeah I wouldn't be doing very much, and it probably wouldn't be everyday.


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        If you keep your heart rate down, you should be able to run as much as you want since you would be moving slowly. If you aren't fit, you might have to start out by walking, then jog/walk, then jog, then jog/run, then run. I'd probably measure my max HR and then shoot for 70% of that as a working maximum. The 220 - age number is pretty inaccurate. If you're going to use a formula, try 180 - age as a maximum HR for staying in the aerobic, fat-burning region and out of the anaerobic, sugar-burning, cortisol-generating region. Be aware that if you measure your HR manually by stopping to walk, your HR will drop enough in 10 seconds to reduce your measured HR quite a bit. If it doesn't, you're probably not fit enough yet to be running anyway.



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          Of course it is, as long as you don't overdo it. A few miles a week (up to 10 for me, I think, in two or three sessions) would probably be fine. The danger is running for an hour or more on a regular basis, such as every day.