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  • My New Kettlebells

    Per the advice of Mike Mahler, I purchased two 53 lb kettlebells from Lifeline. He keeps saying over and over again, "Double kettlebell training is where it's at. Accept it, embrace it, and stop complaining about having to spend a little extra money."

    These things are awesome. They're made from a single mold as to be seamless and thus very resistant to breaking even if dropped in the heat of the moment. They're powder coated too which means no paint chipping away.

    The difference between these and the 40lb bell at my gym (they only had one and it was the heaviest) was appreciable. I also get an added intro/finisher in that I have to carry these into the gym via a farmer's walk in order to do the workouts with my wife as she is still using the 20lb bells that the gym provides. I ordered two 26 lb bells for her from Lifeline at the same time but am still waiting for them to arrive.

    I told her that one day she'll be doing her workout sets with these 53s. Anyone know women who train with kettlebells this heavy or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
    Life is good now that I eat primal, visit my local LA Fitness once a week, and don't stress about life.

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    Congrats, man. Looks like 106lbs of awesome.

    I think for most chicks, 53's are pretty ambitious...but Lauren Brooks (KBQueen on youtube) is about 110lbs, and has posted videos of herself doing get ups with a 53. She's badass.


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      YouTube - ‪Turkish Get Up - 24kg / 53 pounds - Lauren Brooks‬‏


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        Congrats on the new additions! Mike is a great guy and trainer. I've had the pleasure of working with him a couple times. I've not tried the Lifeline bells, glad you like them. I use competition bells. There are plenty of women around using the 53, especially in the kb sport world, but it's only single work, but it's a 10 minute set. I regulary train with the 44, but most of my double work is still with the 35's. Sometimes double 53's for swings or squats. There are plenty of strong women out there, so no doubt your wife can be one of them!

        Good luck and happy training!


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          I have been working out with KB's for years (dragon door kettlebells are my bell of choice) and I am very strong but can't pull off a double kettlebell workout with 16kg's yet -- 12kg is my deal for doubles (I'm female) and the 16kg is my bell for regular single kb workouts. My husband who is also very strong, way stronger than me, and has a physically demanding job pretty much only does double 16kg workouts so your double 24kg workouts amaze me!! I think it's ambitious for any woman to aspire to double 24kg workouts, especially if she's newer to the KB game but it would be very impressive.


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            Very twins kick my ass all the time!


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              One KB for me

              I only use one Kettlebell. 53lbs. The reason is I have shoulder issues and upper back pinched nerve problems. By using one, nothing gets pinched between my shoulder blades. Don't let people determine what you must do. If two works, go for it, but don't neglect the offset balance and extra stabilizer work one offers. Good luck !.