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  • Clubbellers: recommend a program

    So I have a pair of 15lb clubbels which I bought about 10 months ago. I have practiced with them on average once per week, sometimes more or less, for the past several months with an angle towards just learning the movements. I have the Clubbells for CST Training DVD but no other resources. I will probably get a 35lb clubbell soon as well.

    I'm looking now for a more scripted program to follow. I like the idea of a scripted program just telling me what to do for awhile, kind of like the programs in "Enter the Kettlebell".

    As to my goals, I would like to learn more about clubbells, have some fun, and lose some fat although I primarily think that is a matter of diet. I don't have other specific fitness goals like building muscle or increasing aerobic capacity. I would like something that leaves me with enough energy to do other things like bike to work or some of the Convict Conditioning moves a few times per week.

    The only programs I have found out there are the Clubbell Training Blackbook and the Clubbell Mass Evolution. I'm kind of leaning towards the former if for no other reason that mass building is not a specific goal. From what I have gathered all programs put out by followers of RMAX use a 7 cycle, 4 day routine type structure which seems a bit derivative of the ideas in "Enter the Kettlebell" but that's fine.

    So can any of you recommend one of these or perhaps something else?

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    I've run through both programs you mention, and both are solid. However, it sounds like you may enjoy Shane's new program which drops next week:

    Clubbell Hero Evolution

    It's the follow up to his Mass Evolution program and should prove to be not only fun, but effective.

    Also, you won't be bound by the 4x7 protocol, as most CST programs now included alternate training options.


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      Thanks John, that first video from the link is a little different, not quite what I expected! However, I did get a chance to watch one of the other ones he had that was more didactic and geared towards explaining a specific movement. I was very impressed, there were well articulated descriptions and explanations.
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        Shane really is a great coach, so I'm sure you won't be lost for instruction with his material.