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drinking alcohol on the primal blueprint?

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  • drinking alcohol on the primal blueprint?

    hey, does anyone find that alcohol just seems to feel different when you're eating/living primally? i seem to be more sensitive to it, both at the time of consumption, and the next day (i.e. hangovers & headaches). it generally seems less appealing, which i suppose is a good thing in and of itself... but am i alone in feeling this way?

    i was never much of a drinker before, by the way...

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    I have seen people say it affected their tolerance, some it increased their tolerance and other it decreased. Also the post drinking affects could be related to gluten if beer was involved. Curious what others have seen or experienced as well. Doesn't seem to affect me much in either direction.


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      when I drink scotch and wine, I have no problems. Beer wreaks havoc with my system now.


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        Oddly I don't have blood sugar issues with good craft beers (stouts and even some IPAs) but "cheap" beer (I'm a beer snob and won't apologize for it ) as in anything super-mass-produced especially with "light/lite" behind it's name causes me to either carb-withdraw or crash the next day. I believe many of those are made with a lot of rice so maybe that affects me more than yeast/malt/hops beers...? I don't drink much but I can't seem to give beer up entirely. I very rarely drink hard liquor since as a type 2 diabetic I can't find much to mix it with that isn't articificial.
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          I've had the opposite experience. I have a glass (or two) of wine often with dinner, as well as the occasional cocktail. Pre-PB I rarely did this because it would almost always lead to a migraine and indigestion. This doesn't happen anymore, which is fantastic.


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            Originally posted by nicoleah View Post
            I very rarely drink hard liquor since as a type 2 diabetic I can't find much to mix it with that isn't articificial.
            Drink it straight. That's why God invented good whisky.


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              I absolutely love beer, but keep it to a minimum. Borrowing from my 4 Hour Body days, I allow myself to drink as much beer as I want but only one day a week. I haven't actually had a beer for a couple of weeks. I do allow myself a Norcal Margarita every now and then. I just stay in my usual carb budget.

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                i read somewhere it has to do with lower carbs and liver function. cant really remember exactly all i know is i would get a buzz much quicker while eating low carb.

                i have since given up alcohol altogether. its just bad stuff IMHO
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                  Things have gotten weird for me with beer, I'm a huge beer snob, and I brew my own. Since my "change" a couple months back (sudden grain sensitivity) my beer intake has plummeted, I can drink it fine, but I just don't have the taste for it right now. I'll get a pint of a nice beer, like Long Trail's Centennial Red, get through half of it and then have to push myself to finish it. I don't get it.

                  What sucks is that my favorite craft beer bar in Cambridge is having $5 pints all week. Unheard of here in Mass.

                  On the other hand, I'm generally allergic to reds, and I've been able to drink some that I couldn't previously. No change with spirits.
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                    I was basically alcohol free for many years because of my adherence to an anti-fungal program. Then along came Primal Blueprint. Alcohol not exactly a blessing but Mark had a blog entry about alcohol that didn't totally forbid it. In keeping with the 80% bit I started to have a drink once in a while---usually a simple shot of something like bourbon, scotch, or brandy at the end of the day. Due to the alcohol and other things that anti-fungal denied and PB allowed, problems that had been long gone started to reappear. I gave up the alcohol and the entire concept of the 'allowable 80%' and went back to my strict anti-fungal diet. The problems are gone again. Life is good again.

                    Don't use alcohol.
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                      I handle booze better, but have less desire to drink it. I never have more than 2 beers anymore, though I can drink plenty of wine and spirits.
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                        i do find it interesting mark sort of allows alcohol on PB. i can understand wines and other fermented drinks but I think most other alcoholic drinks including beer, are made from grain which doesnt seem very primal to me at all
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                        37yo 6'5"
                        6-19-2011 393lbs 60" waist
                        current 338lbs 49" waist
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                          I find that I get drunk faster than I did pre-PB. I'm not sure if that's because of metabolic changes, because I have lost weight, or both (though I'm guessing both). I drink wine, whiskey, bourbon, vodka sodas, and the occasional tequila shot.

                          I have, however, found my hangovers to be MUCH improved. Often I feel no effects the next morning, and on the occasions when I do it's very mild. It's just a tiny headache (dehydration) and being tired (alcohol is very disruptive to sleep cycles).

                          On the other hand, if for some strange reason I do drink beer or cocktails , my hangovers are worse. I am guessing that is because the liver is working to process both the alcohol and the sugars you consume with it, thus the liver is less efficient.
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                            I can't do many alcohols because they are grain-based. I'm quite sensitive to it and was really surprised that even distilled liquors that are grain-based (most vodkas, for example) give me troubles. Aside from that, I find that alcohol still makes me feel awful if I overdo it. In fact, I'd say I'm more sensitive to it now than pre-Primal. Since mixing drinks has been a hobby of mine, this is requiring a bit of lifestyle change. Oh well, that's just one more step in the direction of better and better health!
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                              Yes, indeed!

                              In fact, I find that alcohol tastes completely different. I am re-experiencing my favourite single malts and REALLY appreciating a bottle of real ale. I find I can have great satisfaction from one bottle because of the flavour and don't feel the need to push more and more for the alcohol feeling. I prefer to feel alert ... I prefer to sleep better. I do enjoy a beer, though ... and that REAL enjoyment has been brought back to me since going paleo.

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