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  • Any hobbits here?

    I am 5 foot nothing. Petite. Female, age 50. 8 weeks into PBP/Paleo. The first 4 weeks with PBP combined with Crossfit 2x’s a week, I dropped 8#. That is a huge loss for me. Before PBP the only way I would lose was with extremes. Extreme cardio, extreme calorie restriction, then I would easily gain back if I relaxed on either the cardio or restriction. Since reading PBP I pulled way back on the cardio (running). It has not been easy to do. I am high octane and this has been a lifestyle for years, to run daily. Now, I do CrossFit 3x’s a week on MWF and go for a long easy jog on Sundays. I usually jog 3-4 miles and walk another 1-2, trying to go by how I feel now. Before I would force at least a 5mile run or more on Sundays, no matter how I felt or hurt, especially if I was planning to enter a Half marathon. You would think that with all that cardio and restriction I would have been underweight, but the math wasn’t working anymore. Age, premenopausal, and unbalance diet equaled a poor recipe. The cardio was not enough to cut through it all anymore. I had gradually gained weight after age 45. I know why now, thanks to PBP. A Little background; I know I have really screwed up my metabolism over the years. It started in high school as a competitive gymnast, then later a professional dancer. Staying “tiny” was optimal for both. I have always strived to stay fit but have mostly achieved (less than optimal results) through overtraining and tenacity. Here are some numbers. My top weight was 148#, I managed to drop to 138# (the wrong way). Since PBP I am at 128# -130#. My goal I would say is to maintain around 120#?, not sure. I will evaluate as I go. I am not so concern with the number as I am BF% and visual assessment. I think my BF % is ~26, with goal maybe 18-20%. I have maintained 130# for last 4 ½ weeks and definitely happy to see that my muscles have some memory left. A lot of the success stories here have been dramatic with huge numbers. Amazing and inspiring, some even left me emotional as I read. But I would also like to hear from some of you who may have some similarity to my background. How “did” or how “are” you meeting your goals? If you are petite, what are your numbers like? I am surprised that I have lost and maintaining with eating 1300-1500 cal. Fat 53%, Protein 32% and Carbs 15% - Primal at least 80% minimal dairy. My cheat would be a 3rd glass of red wine, no sugar or grains. I also IF, not usually planned, just happens. For those who have lost or losing those last 10-15 lbs please share your healthy nuggets. If I want to take it to another level and drop more, should I adjust these numbers? or stay steady and keep it here? I am in no hurry and I would not want to mess up a good thing by being impatient. If you have read this far, thank you….I will also add …tho’ I am hobbit like, I do not have hairy feet. I wasn’t sure the best forum to place this, but opted for fitness since my goal is to be as fit and healthy as possible for my age.
    Cheeky Fit and Fifty

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    I just have hairy feet. Does that count?


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      I have some similarities, but definitely not all. I am 5' barely 1" (you know we petite folks hold on to every bit we can). I weigh 109 lbs right now, I am 36. The heaviest I have been is 129, the lowest in my adult life around 104 but that was over 10 years ago....although I think that was a more toned 104. I am probably holding between 18-20% BF at the moment.

      Here are some of the things I have figured out work for me:
      -Not working out daily....anything over 3 days a week seems to stress out my adrenals and in turn I gain fat not muscle overnight (I never did chronic cardio, my adrenals were blown through illness and work in the past and are now better, but not 100%).
      -Keeping caffeine to a minimum, I drink Yerba mate now, coffee caffeine really messes with my insulin, hunger levels, and probably adrenals
      -When I cut out dairy 100% I dropped 5lbs in 2 weeks. Now I keep it REALLY low, like one treat every few weeks low.
      -Alcohol is a creeper on me, 2 glasses of wine several nights a week offsets any improvements I had for weight loss. Maybe its being petite, maybe its my personal body, but alcohol calories are stored for me
      -Cutting calories too far backfires for me and so does long IF's, I tend to just follow eating when I am hungry and fasting ONLY when I am not hungry
      -Carb wise, my sweet spot is between 75-100g a day for maintenance, 50g for weight loss. I have gone 10g and under for a few days as well and I can drop a lb or 2 if I do this short term.
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        Thank you Meadow! This is very very helpful as I try to fine tune the right balance for my body type. I track my food so I can learn to recognize the right combinations and what is working for me and what is not. I did not want to start with too ambitious a goal with the weight loss, I set it at 120# for now. I will re-evaluate when I am there. I may be completely content there. I know that 109 could be eventually attainable, for years I hovered between 104-107. That was even after 3 children. These later years it seems my metabolism has come to a halt. My first goal is to get my body functioning and firing healthy again. I also have high goals for my fitness, endurance and rebuilding muscle. Thanks for the nuggets!
        Cheeky Fit and Fifty