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Improving Max Rate?

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  • Improving Max Rate?

    According to the 55-75% "rule", it is way too easy for me to get out of my optimal range (any kind of jogging/running burst will push me over). So the question is, what's the best way to improve my max heartrate?

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    you can't really change your max heart rate; that's based on your age. what you can change is your overall fitness so that your heart will not be beating as hard doing the same exercises you are now. let's say a 10 minute mile gets your heart rate at about 75% max right now. continue to jog, but also mix in a couple of sprint/HIIT workouts each week and lift heavy things 2-3 times per week (lifting weights is great for cardiovascular fitness). your heart will get stronger as you workout, and in a couple of months that 10 minute mile might only bring you to 60% max.