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  • Accidental Standing Desk

    I was playing around today to see if I could jerry-rig a standing desk situation here at work. We have nice monitors on top of dock stations for our standard laptops. I'm newer here so I didn't want to cause a ruckus and bother facilities for more equipment.

    I was seeing if I could stack a box on the dock and then the monitor on the box to raise it up. As I lifted the monitor, the screen slid up!! Turns out it's completely adjustable, and since it's already as high as the dock platform, it's up at a really good max height and angled up as well.

    So I'm standing at my new desk. Yay! Still need to get something permanent for my mouse and keyboard--stacked on some plain white boxes and it'd be nice to get something more officey so it doesn't stand out. And since the monitor is still fully adjustable, I can sit if I need to.

    I have since discovered that there are also two other folks on my floor who have standing stations rigged up, too. Who knew?!

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    Good stuff Lira. It makes a world of difference, IMO. I wish more companies would actually encourage this sort of thing.
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      I agree, although I can't complain too badly. We have a huge onsite gym with everything you could wish for, and we don't pay anything to use it.

      I guess I should be glad people aren't telling me I have to sit down!


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        Started standing today, just put the laptop on a box but bringing a thick book on Monday for a little extra height. My coworkers are for the most part in their late 20s and a few were like "hmm, might try that" I'm new here also, some people e-mailed me, some of the reasons I provide are... starting with my favorite and also most primal..

        - "I'm the new male, so I'm trying to establish my dominance. Intimidated? I know you are"

        - "I'm a weekend DJ, standing makes me feel like I'm bringing the party to ya'll..." (I'm not a DJ)

        - "hemorrhoids"

        but I would follow them all up with a more honest explanation. Basically that I spend a lot of time sitting and I don't like that fact. Also that I had done some reading about it and wanted to try it out for myself. "It's supposed to improve circulation, posture, also prevent certain joints from getting all stiff.. and I slouch a lot so this will help my posture too" I was careful to make it all about myself instead of "Americans spend so much time sitting..." cus I'm the new guy, don't want to be "that guy" I think I said enough to spark some interest in the people that were obviously curious enough to email me.
        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.