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  • How much is too much?


    I am talking about jogging at a very low intensity. Between the fat burning ranges of 55% and 75%. I can do an hour and a half to two hours no problem, but i have been thinking lately of increasing that, mainly because i am enjoying and i find it relaxing.

    Is there anything that happens to the body after doing prolonged low intensity jogging? does it continually burn fat? or does it eventually change?

    Would one long jog a week, say 5 hours, be silly?

    I would be grateful for any feedback you guys/girls have...



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    Jogging/long cardio is really hard on your joints- knees, hips, ankles, etc. The impact of landing causes repetitive stress injuries. I won't say not to do it, but be careful not to hurt yourself.

    When sprinting or running on your toes, you tend to absorb the shock of impact in your calf muscles, which isn't as likely to become injured. Also, you don't sprint as many steps as you would jog, so there is less danger of repetitive stress injuries. The Airborne guys in the Army intentionally pound their feet extra hard when they run, as they think it will strengthen their leg bones from the increased strain. They all have knee problems, or will someday.

    Walking is simply much lower impact and it helps to strengthen joints and connective tissues.


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      i could be wrong but from how i understand it after a certain amount of time at 75% max heart rate your body stops using fat as fuel and starts using glycogen
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        i never ever followed this percent of heart rate thing (personally). i jog to the gym (8 minutes) and doing 25mins cardio and then job home (8 minutes) and that seems just fine for me. ive lost a ton of weight?

        i went primal in feb 2010
        37% body fat
        38-40 waist

        1 year to the day
        7.8% body fat
        29 waist

        7% body fat
        29 waist


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          Thanks for the info guys. I have seen some good gains early on and i think i just need to relax and enjoy, instead of continually feeling that i need to burn fat all the time.