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    Hey all

    This is so not primal, but maybe in a way, it is.

    As you may know, I've been dealing with sciatic nerve pain for a while now. I have a ruptured disc at L4/5, but I'm informed that surgery isn't necessary (yes!). I've been seeing a physio and things are slowly improving. I'm finally back to walking to and from my train stations every day, which is 50 minutes exercise 5 days a week. I was so relieved to be doing this again that I even went out in torrential rain yesterday!

    Anyway, what really changed things for me was trying out one of those heat wraps - the ones that you can wear for 8 hours. I bought one on Friday, wore it all day and the next day I could walk with only discomfort, rather than pain! Ever since then, I've been wearing one a day and they seem to do the trick. I'm a little sceptical that the pain relief and NSAIDs are doing anything to be honest, I am positive it's the physio and the heat that are loosening things up. I also found that by the time I had finished my walk to the train station from the office last night, the discomfort was almost gone - 15 minute walking seems to loosen things up.

    I hate taking medication - I have to daily for another long-term condition (epilepsy), so adding more to the chemical pot isn't making me a happy lady.

    I was thinking of cutting back on the NSAIDs first, and then taking only ibuprofen rather than cocodamol for 'pain relief', to see what happens.

    Anyone any thoughts? I just hate the thought that I'm taking all this medication, when it might not be necessary any more. Especially as apart from that, my body is a primal temple....;-)

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    I think if you can do it, go for it. Just be careful and go slowly.


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      Yes, that's what my OH thought. I do have a track record of getting better from things and then doing too much, too soon. When I was 15 I had gastric flu, lots of vomiting etc for days. First day of not throwing up, I ran (yes, ran!) up the stairs and promptly passed out on the floor. Oops!