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Not getting strength or physique results :( - WHAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU??

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  • Not getting strength or physique results :( - WHAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU??

    I need to add some size and strength while losing fat. My muscles are like rocks, but very small and as such, my skin folds at the bottom of my bicep when I flex and my 14% bodyfat is accuentated by my small size. I am 182cm tall, 75kg, I can only squat 70kg for 5 reps (only 65 using strictest form), bench 70kg for 3 reps, deadlift 90 for 5 reps.
    Everyone I talk to tells me I am doing everything right, but have seen minimal results over the last 4 months. I am far behind in the stronglifts program, I have platued with chins and dips, my endurance is not improving etc.

    I want to know ideas to get to about 80kg with 10% bodyfat. My goals are to increase my running speed and endurance, bench 90kg, squat 90kg, deadlift 120kg, press 45kg, chin bw+20kg, dip bw+20kg. I also want to cut down to around 10% bf and get an awesome PB physique like Mark Sisson.

    Please, if you have made good progress eating primally etc, let me know what you did and what you think about what I am doing.

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    You need to provide more details. Specifically, write down and workout week. In general if you are working out hard enough (last reps are all ya got) and you are resting well and long enough between workouts you should see some strength increase.


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      Some guys have trouble gaining muscle size. (Certain racial backgrounds eg Asian, tend to gain slower but gain agility faster)
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        You do sorta need to provide more info, but you mentioned that one of your goals was to increase running speed and endurance. Are you working on that now, too? Hate to say it, but a bunch of distance running is almost assuredly going to slow your progress on Stronglifts. Is your bodyfat going down at all?
        Almost universally applicable solutions:
        - Eat more carbs after the weightlifting session (heavy squats = need some carbs for them muscles)
        - Rest more


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          Too many goals. Need to pick a specific goal and work towards that... one at a time. You can combine a couple of relevent goals like gain muscle and increase sprinting speed. Things like cutting to 10%bf and increase running endurance go against the adding muscle and sprinting speed.

          Lift heavy, do sprints and eat big for a year. Cut out all the distance running and the idea of cutting to 10% bf.


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            Ok thanks for the advice. To clarify, I am currently not working towards the endurance goal, I just listed it as a goal so it was obvious I want to be a well rounded athlete rather than a huge powerlifter. My order of priorities are strength & power, muscular size, fat loss, speed, endurance. My current routine on a weights day (non weights day same but without post workout meal):

            7:00- Breakfast (sometimes fast through breakfast): Eggs, bacon, tomato, capsicum, mushroom or protein fruit smoothie
            10:00- Protein, beef jerky, nuts, fruit
            13:00 - Chicken, vegetables/salad
            16:00 - Protein shake, beef jerky, nuts/fruit
            17:30 - Protein shake, creatine
            19:00 - Steak, vegetables, potato
            21:00 - Beef jerky or nuts or nothing

            Monday - Squat 5x5, Bench 5x5, Row 5x5, pushups (thinking I'm going to have one day a week of 'variation day' eg, Front squat 4x8, DB or Sandbag Bench 4x8, DB or Sandbag Row 4x8, weighted Dips)
            Tuesday - Nothing
            Wednesday - Squat 5x5, Press 5x5, Dead 5x5, Weighted Chins 3xF
            Thursday - Short walk sometimes
            Friday - Squat 5x5, Bench, Row
            Saturday - Rockclimb/sprints/paintball/sport

            That pretty much sums it up... I have trouble sleeping some nights as well, but generally get between 7-8 hours a night.


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              And I'm a 19 year old white Australian male, my genes also point that I should be able to build lean mass


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                Bear in mind I'm a newb but it looks like you're not getting enough fruits and vegetables.

                You may also want to substitute an exercise for power-cleans. They're great for explosive power.
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                  Take a week off. As a fellow exercise addict I can tell you that you need the right amount of rest for gains. I've been trying to cut down to 3 days a week (never happens lol) but when you exercise 4 or 5 days a week for a few weeks it's better just to ease up totally.
                  Please note that you still need sunshine and occasionally stretching won't hurt.
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                    High responders to resistance exercise training demonstrate differential regulation of skeletal muscle microRNA expression


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                      Originally posted by robbie1512 View Post
                      I want to know ideas to get to about 80kg with 10% bodyfat.
                      So you want to gain 7.5 kg of muscles and lose 2.5 kg of fat. Your resulting composition is somewhat close to the genetic limit for most people, so you probably will gain at the very most 0.5 kg of muscles per month for the later part of it. The gaining muscles part probably takes at least a year if you are doing most things right. The losing fat part might take another month or two.

                      You want to gain weight, so eat in the weight gain zone of primal. Add some starchy vegetables, some fruit and things like that.


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                        I don't see any information on progress, i.e., what was your squat 5 weeks ago? At your current measurements you fall in the untrained category and should be making massive progress just by increasing weight lifted from session to session, eating enough and sleeping well.

                        As an example, I'm 1.67 (5'6"), weigh 65-67kg (140-145lbs) and lift:
                        Squat: 85 kg x 5 or 93kg x 1
                        Deadlift: 105kg x 5 or 110kg x1
                        Bench: 60kg x 5 or 65kg x1.

                        And I'm still barely scratching the novice lifter benchmarks.

                        The genetics are a non-factor at your situation. The genetics excuse is tossed around too freely on newbies. It only applies to advanced lifters.
                        To conclude: stick to the program, but add weight from session to session. Check out starting strength by Rippetoe for lots of info on how to progress, when to reset, etc..


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                          Here is what I would do. As mentioned take a week off. Better yet take a week off and then another.

                          You certainly are providing enough volume and I am bet too much volume of training.

                          The routine you are using, in my opinion, is better suited for a phase, perhaps 8 weeks or less, of strength training. Normally the body will tolerate a bit of abuse for that long but at some point gains will stop. Too much stress not enough recovery catches up.

                          I personally would work in some slightly higher rep ranges. Studies show that the amount of weight is not what stimulates a muscle to grow. It is the effort and fatigue. I find that I get less of a total body fatigue training a bodypart a bit lighter but still to fatigue.

                          I would also gauge your efforts for a while by watching your strength as a guide to rest (HIT concept). That is if you do not show a strength improvement each workout ( 1 rep or added weight at the same reps) then you have not provided enough rest.

                          I am not saying go full hog HIT (Although it does work) but rather use it as a tool to figure out what your real recovery time is.


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                            I read somewhere (maybe someone can help me out with a reference) that a full recovery for a muscle that is exercised to failure can take up to a week. I think you may be simply lifting too often. It's hard to back down sometimes, but your gains come not from the workout, but the recovery time afterwards.

                            Also, start including walking into your routine. The Best Damn Cardio Article Period. has a better explanation of why, but it references "cavemen" and is compatible with PB, despite being from Testosterone Nation.


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                              Well I'll chime in as a former stronglifts guy - that program is way too much volume, you should be on starting strength which will get you just as much benefit with a lot less volume. Second, eat more if you want to gain muscle - if you are lifting heavy and following the stronglifts protocol, putting 2.2 kg on the bar after every successful workout, and not gaining muscle mass, you are undereating - by definition. Maintaining a calorie surplus is actually quite hard and takes concentrated effort (it did for me). If you tolerate milk, it is your best friend at this point (not primal I know, but). Finally, work on the sleep, and if you drink, cut out the drinking.
                              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):