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  • IF and Sprinting

    I am currently using Leangains protocol, my first me is normally around 2 pm last meal at 8pm. I lift weights at 5:30 am but have recently had a little more time on my hands so I will either sprint on a treadmill right after weights or go to a local turf field and sprint there at about noon. Is this too much while still fasting? I can't quite go with results yet because I have only been doing this for a few days. Thanks.

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    1. Your eating window should be 8 hours. Don't change the plan unless it doesn't work.

    2. If you lift fasted, use BCAAs before/after. Use more BCAAs every two hours until you can eat.

    3. Sprints have never really been addressed. I guess they are HIIT, but are they for fat loss? Not really the same as weightlifting. Personally, I don't bother with BCAAs on my separate sprint day.


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      Thanks RezH, i know Martin suggests walking but I love HIIT and sprints. Cant just ditch them altogether


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        The way perform my sprints are definitely HIIT, I do 2x8 of 60yards by 60 sec. With a 5 minute break in between the sets


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          I ,for one, would do the sprints fasted if it doesn't bother you. When I do impromptu sprints I enjoy them more when I haven't eaten.


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            I completed Rebel Race , a 5k race/obstacle course, this weekend while in a fasted state. I had no energy issues whatsoever. Mind you, I've been doing primal for over two months now, so I think I've already adapted to activity while in a ketogenic state. So, yes I think sprints are doable as long as you've adapted to using fat for energy.