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shooting pain in upper arm

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  • shooting pain in upper arm

    hey guys,

    so i know the obvious advice is to go to a doctor and get it checked out, but my problem is that i live in a small town in south korea and my korean is not yet good enough to deal with such a task - i dont think...

    the pain is definitely not excrutiating, however it would be good to have some idea what im dealing with.

    anyway, i have developed a pain over the last week or two during and after lifting weights. the pain's origin is halfway between my shoulder and elbow on the outer of my arm - kind of between my tricep and bicep. at first i thought it might be rotator-cuff related, but i think it is too far down my arm for this. the pain is at its worst when doing overhead presses and also chest work.

    any thoughts?

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    If you're sure it's muscular pain, rest for a couple of weeks!
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      i dont think it is muscular - that is my main concern - it is between my tricep and bicep on the "top" of my arm


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        I agree with knife, stop the workouts until you are healed. This can take 6 months or more for a damaged muscle. Go workout on the treadmil, do you ABS & legs until then. Trust me-it is muscular. Bones don't cause pain, do they? And it is not your skin in pain, is it? The only thing left is muscle pain or nerve pain. If it were nerve pain, it would hurt regardless of what you were doing with the arm.



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          Supraspinatus. What you describe was my major, and most painful symptom.


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            the supraspinatus is more of the shoulder if im not wrong?? my pain is down my arm between elbow and shoulder.


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              Originally posted by tommyho1 View Post
              the supraspinatus is more of the shoulder if im not wrong?? my pain is down my arm between elbow and shoulder.
              And that is exactly where you feel the pain of a supraspinatus that is very unhappy. The pain can/will radiate down the arm to that area. My flare up took over a year to resolve 'cuz I let it go so long. Don't make my mistake and get your shoulder checked out.


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                Here, this is pretty good and reads just like my Dr. described ti to me and where you can feel pain.

                Shoulder Series #2: Supraspinatus Tendinitis || Massage Therapy Articles


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                  Hey bud,

                  I'm a PT and definitely agree you are having referred pain from your shoulder. Most likely an impingement syndrome of said supraspinatus. It is usually a multifaceted problem involving poor thoracic spine and rib mobility, "tight" shoulder internal rotators (pecs, lats in particular), and weak external rotators. There also could be some neck stuff going on as well, but couldn't tell you for sure without looking at your myself obviously.

                  Anyway I would recommend checking out This is a great site for learning self care/mobilization and learning about how important appropriate positioning is to improve athletic prowess while reducing potential risk for injury. Kelly knows his stuff and offers up a ton of useful information.

                  In addition I would recommend taking at least week or 2 off from any movements that exacerbate your symptoms. Ice your shoulder at least 4 times a day until it goes numb to help with inflammation target the tendon if you can, here is a picture for reference (File:Supraspinatus.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), and check out those WODS. Here are a few to get you started:

                  Episode 242/365: Soft Tissue MobRx for the Shoulder | Mobility WOD
                  Episode 209/365: Free Your Ribs, Your Mind Will Follow | Mobility WOD
                  I Will Bend Like a Reed In the Wind, Episode 9 | Mobility WOD

                  You get the idea.

                  BTW this stuff can get really nasty, but should 'hurt so good'...If anything reproduces your symptoms STOP immediately. Also don't feel that you need the fancy bands that are in the videos as you can do a lot of the stretches just holding onto a door jamb.

                  If you have any other questions feel free to shoot away and good luck!


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                    I've had similar symptoms lately, and while I was quick to blame the bench press I am now convinced that it's caused by bad hand positioning during low bar squats.


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                      many thanks to everyone, especially jswanz1 and pyro13g.

                      i think you have hit the nail on the head - i do have very poor thoracic posture and mobility. evidently this is causing some problems when im lifiting heavy things. i really need to work on my flexibility issues! yeh i have seen mobilitywod but i keep putting off doing it - i find it very boring! but i know it will be beneficial. thanks again!


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                        Pandadude, I could definitely see low-bar squats causing shoulder issues. I wouldn't necessarily say the hand positioning itself poses the problem, but goes along with said thoracic cage mobility, anterior shoulder 'tightness', and posterior shoulder (scapular stabilizers and external rotators) weakness/inhibition. The shoulder is an extremely intricate complex of tissues and is influenced by a lot of factors.

                        Pelvis, hip, and ankle mobility/stability will also cause major problems up/down the chain. Quite frankly most guys do an absolute horrible job of improving their mobility and is rarely, if ever, worked on. Maximal mobility really goes a long way to improve performance in any activity.

                        As much as I love Mark's guidance Grok squats and hangs simply aren't enough for people who are just generally 'stiff' - i.e. that person who could just never touch their toes. If you are a person that unfortunately sits a lot of the day because of work, then you have to focus on mobility double time.


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                          You are very welcome!


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                            hey jswanz1 i have just sent you a private message to maybe get some more advice - hope that's cool