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Headache in lower head, upper neck region while lifting?

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  • Headache in lower head, upper neck region while lifting?

    Has anyone experienced this? It started when I was doing heavy dumbbell lunges a few days ago. It's this sudden, throbbing pain in the back of my head and lower neck area and feels kind of stiff at the same time. I stopped and it went away after a few minutes. I tried again a couple days ago and it came back again. Today I attempted to do heavy squats and it came back again but only on the right lower side, and it's lasting longer now too. I'm afraid of a pending hemorrhage or something equally terrifying. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know. Also, should I go to a chiro or a physician?
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    Best thing is always to scale back and see a doctor. But, what you're describing sounds like something I've had, and that is a tension headache. For me, it was caused by tightness and overactivity in the upper trap muscles (woulda been caused by lunges, since you're carrying the weight suitcase style), and has felt a lot better since I started carefully stretching my chest and working the more intricate upper back muscles. Buuuut yeah go easy, in my experience once you get an exercise-induced headache you will get them more easily until you don't get one for a while. Good luck!


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      This happen quite frequently to my wife, I agree with what Will said its probably due to the tension in your upper back. From the Traps make sure you stretch them really well and maybe get a massage to see if that helps work some of the kinks out.


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        It does sound like tension head aches or just general tension through your traps. Stretch, and stretch them well. Also, be sure to stretch out your chest because it's the opposing muscle group and if your chest is also tight, it will effect your traps as well. I would also watch the amount of weight your using, if it's too heavy and you're not ready for it then that will cause this sort of issue almost immediately. Hope this helps you out, also if it continues see a doctor and massage therapist.
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