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Best VFF Style for golf

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  • Best VFF Style for golf

    Hello fellow golfers,

    I have been golfing in my VFF KSO's for the last week with great success but was curious if anyone else has used another style and was pleased with the results.


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    Bare feet work great on the course. I thought about vff's but didn't think they would do anything. Don't need a lot of protection to walk on the grass and with fabric between the toes they wouldn't really keep anything out if the course is wet (herbicides etc.). If a course has lots of paths between holes I'll wear flips and kick them off to hit my shots.


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      IMHO any VFF type shoes will work great. you really don't need a special shoes to play barefooted, but most courses require you wear shoes and it's nice to have a little bit of protection (VFF) in the sand. it could get quite hot from the sun and sometime broken tees and upside down ball markers can hurt.


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        Still haven't tried golf with my Sprints. I had thought about buying some Merrells, as they actually have some tread on the bottom. Guarantee on wet days VFFs would get a bit slick.


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          Thanks for your replies, they really got me thinking. Love the barefoot idea, but not allowed on our course - plus with fire ants, coquina shell cart paths and the need to run from snakes and alligators :-) probably would not work here in Florida.

          RezH, thanks for the heads up about wet days. I decided to purchase a pair of the VFF Treksports, wore them today first thing in the AM. They worked perfectly, just enough "nubbies" on the bottom for traction on the wet grass. No problems in the sand - and best of all my NO knee pain!