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Learning Handstand Pushup

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  • Learning Handstand Pushup

    When you did this/started to learn this did you do this with your back facing the wall (heels on wall) or facing the wall (toes on the wall)?

    Just starting these off and didn't trust myself to do back to the wall haha.

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    Back to the wall. I had a devil of a time learning how to just get into position, but one day it just happened. What do you mistrust about doing it with your back to the wall?
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      Back to the wall.

      It's all about trust, isn't it!

      Took me some positive self-talk before I was brave enough. Funny that I used to do them all the time when I was a little kid, too...

      For me, it is "safer" to fall in this position. 50 sec handstand so far!
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        Just stick a cushion under your head to begin with. Alternatively, many people use a stack of books that gradually decreases in size as they get stronger.
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          I think the trust is just about whipping out haha. I don't have a great space to do it in, so if i fall left or right during the flip part I am afraid of taking something out. I will have to give it a shot and see what happens.


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            Originally posted by Primal Fist View Post
            Just stick a cushion under your head to begin with. Alternatively, many people use a stack of books that gradually decreases in size as they get stronger.
            Cool idea! Thanks for that. Sounds like a great way to keep track of your progress!
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              It takes lots of practice. Check out my article about handstand push-ups.
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                Front to the wall until I had enough shoulder and core strength to stay up for a while. Then back to the wall. And yes, it's getting into position that's the hardest part.
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                  There is a great photo in this month's National Geographic of a young guy balancing horizontally on one hand in front of a waterfall in Japan.

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                    Stomach to the wall helps build strength perhaps more than back to the wall as your weight is more directly lined up. Back to the wall there's the possibility of arching.

                    Getting into position with stomach to the wall IMO is scarier because if you put your hands too close to the wall you run the risk of falling forward and breaking your shit, ALL your shit. The video below shows what I mean. I would not advise putting your hands as close to the wall as he does, you don't need to unless you're looking to free-balance. Have an exit strategy ready! (front roll or side roll) if you are brand new to getting inverted I would kick up with back to the wall... because the fall is way less dangerous or dramatic. You also don't need the swedish bars that are shown in the video, just walk up against the wall.

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                      There are many things that you should know about handstand pushups like how to get into your handstand, how to get more strength to keep that position, how to progress into better form. I nailed all these things here.
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