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Arthritic Shoulder - Need Joint Replaced - Exercise Help

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  • Arthritic Shoulder - Need Joint Replaced - Exercise Help

    I am 57 years old. My right shoulder has no cartilage and my orthopedic surgeon said the only option is a new joint. You can hear the crepitus when I move my arm just doing normal daily tasks. Constant pain especially at night.

    Lifting heavy objects is out of the question right now.

    What are your suggestions for me to lift heavy stuff without compromising my shoulder? Lower body and legs?

    Once I have my new joint (February 2012) does anyone here have any experince rehabbing a shoulder replacement? What can I expect as far as limitations?


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    You can probably get away with doing most lower body exercises. You can use any sort of machine based leg exercise and maybe exercises like lunges and squats holding a dumbbell with your uninvolved arm. Perhaps holding a light dumbbell could give a little bit of distraction for the shoulder joint too to provide some pain relief (though, in actuality muscle activation increases joint compression which equals ouchies), but could always try. Different people have different responses. You can get pretty creative with lifting heavy things assuming you keep yourself safe and don't throw yourself off balance. It doesn't have to be extraordinary amounts of weight either, body weight is certainly efficient enough provided you do enough reps.

    As far as shoulder replacements go I've seen a pretty wide variety of outcomes. Some patients get full functional use out of their new shoulder no problem, others don't do so well from a functional stand point. Then again these individuals are just happy to not have pain anymore. I think a lot of it really depends on how good the surgeon is as well whether you want to admit it or not. But in general if you have a good surgeon and you follow his protocol you shouldn't have much trouble getting back to the things you want to do provided you take your rehab seriously and there are no major complications.


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      Please see a chinese medicine practitioner, at least until the surgery. They can help you with the pain.


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        If your shoulder is no good, can you lift with a vest or harness rather than your arms? Something like deadlift or squats should be doable that way, I would think.

        For arm work you may have to do the body-building isolation exercises that don't involve your shoulder.