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Women lifting heavy and gym instructors

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  • Women lifting heavy and gym instructors

    I seem to have at bit of problem when it comes to lifting heavy (kind of even lifting too) I want to lift heavy with about 5-10 reps the gym instuctors don't. Today I said to one of them what I prefer, I don't really remember what he said fully there was something about injuries there, what he said just did not make sense to me and I was slightly stunned, I could only seem to get out single words 'what?, why? how?' It didn't go to well, he got a bit annoied that I kept asking questions and I was getting far too annoied that he wasn't giving any good answers that made sense.

    Now I'm kind of stuck, I think most if not all the gym instructors have this kind of attitude where men and women have different exercises, they mix a little but not really. This line of thought seems to be pretty common in this country even among female instructors. I'd hire a personal trainer except I don't have the money(and the guy that I was talking to is one) I'd change gyms but it's a small enough town, there's no other gym to change too. I do need them to show me the proper form too, so I can't really go off and do my own thing, If I did know what to do I wouldn't know how.

    I'm not good with words so I'm not too good at arguing but I am fairly intelligent (ninty somethingth percintile rank ) and I've unbelievely stubborn. So what I was going to do is research the hell out of this and basicly throw all that at them. I might get one of them too see the light.

    My problem now is where to research, there's so much crap information online I don't know where to look, I'm looking at google scholar, but is there any other sourses I could look. also I've no idea what to type into google scholar to get good information, just trying out a few different things now.

    Another thing the bad grammar and spellings would be down to me being dyslexic (missing 'n's from the key being stiff)

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    Two words: Starting Strength. Get the book and read it -- it goes into a lot of detail about form. There's a website with lots of videos showing proper form as well.

    I do my main lifts at a 5 rep max weight, and my assistance work at 10-12 reps. I'm a guy, don't let anyone tell you women are supposed to lift the little pink girlie weights at high reps. Lift heavy, low reps.

    Some of the ladyfolk on this site like the "New Rules for Lifting for Women" (i'm mangling the title, but Batty likes that one, I think.) I don't think there are new rules, I think there are the old rules which are still the right rules! But if it's a good resource, go for it. (I'm joking, i think the "new rules" are basically the old rules repackaged.) Lift heavy, lift hard, and don't let the man keep you down.


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      If he's not your trainer, why is he telling you what to do? How about "I paid for the use of the space now go mind your own beeswax."
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        ::Abu Reena beat me to it::
        Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a good book(or ebook) to start with for learning heavy lifts. Covers many of the lifts and form in good detail. There is also a DvD of Starting Strength out there that I found very helpful when starting out. You can youtube Mark Rippetoe and come up with many different things as well.

        Starting light, with just a PVC pipe is a good way to get your flexibility and form up to par. As well as, so you can start "feeling" the movement. Always good to have control over moving your own body through space before adding an external load

        So, a few sites off the top of my head with information. Stronglifts,,, youtube Mark Rippetoe. I'm sure others will have suggestions as well, this was just what came to mind.


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          I'm going to check out Starting Strength one of these days... so many people recommend it.

          What I've been using to learn some basics is this site, geared mostly to girls, but i've found it helpful: From Dork to Diva

          The same chick also has a good article about LIES we are told at the gym, which your post reminded me of: Lies in the Gym

          Anyway, good luck and stay strong!
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            I'm a guy, but I've been reading Krista's for years.

            Excellent website IMHO.
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              I'd save the money and hire a strength coach to teach you the lifts.

              i'd get ripptoes book and dvd as well.


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                I love to read, this might be the next book I pick up, I see it repeatively in this post, must be worth trying out. Thnx... I am always up-to learning more!!


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                  You're Irish and stubborn? No way, that never happens!

                  What are you trying to do at the gym that the trainers are fighting you on? Is it doing 10 reps, is it doing a lot of weight, or is it doing weight lifting at all? What are they suggesting you do instead.
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                    Oh, but you might break in half, lol. Tell him to mind his own bizness!
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                      What do you all think of something like Body By Science for learning to lift? JUST starting to look into adding in things other than my own bodyweight and I know very little about this... “BODY BY SCIENCE” — ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN »
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                        You could still have them teach correct form with the lighter weights. Then you could do whatever weight you want when you get the form down. You might also try telling them you want to be a Powerlifter not a body builder.


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                          We all have the same muscles, they respond in much the same way, ours just don't get as big. Tell him to shove it! (and go learn his job lol)


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                            Do you have a CrossFit box anywhere near you? They'll teach you to lift heavy. Even if you don't take their classes, you could probably get one of the coaches as a trainer.


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                              Thanks for all the replies, I don't have too long on the internet now, I'm ment to be looking after someones dogs (as well as my own cats) so it's cycling between houses through out the day and walking the dogs. I'm not sure if I'll have alot of time online for the next two weeks. I'm going to check out everything people have recomended.

                              I've just skimmed the thread so far but I'll answer a few questions

                              Originally posted by rocknroll View Post
                              You're Irish and stubborn? No way, that never happens!

                              What are you trying to do at the gym that the trainers are fighting you on? Is it doing 10 reps, is it doing a lot of weight, or is it doing weight lifting at all? What are they suggesting you do instead.
                              I'm far more stubborn than most people here, more so when I know I'm right.
                              It's the reps/weight more so the reps. And kind of lifting, I've only been shown afew exercises with dumbbells (I refuse to use anything less than what my cat weights 4kg, I like using the line 'that weighs less than my underweight kitten!') Currently there's alot of bodyweight stuff, I'm doing propper push ups instead of the modified ones I was shown. The bodyweight stuff is grand but the thing is I just love lifting heavy things.

                              Originally posted by JenCat View Post
                              Do you have a CrossFit box anywhere near you? They'll teach you to lift heavy. Even if you don't take their classes, you could probably get one of the coaches as a trainer.
                              The nearest crossfit is over an hours drive, a bit difficult to get to when my car isn't on the road anymore. I wouldn't be able to afford one of the trainers either. It sucks being broke.

                              As for everyone telling him to mind his own bussiness, well it kind of was his bussiness, I've bad knees and a while ago it got a bit worse(couldn't go to the gym) for insurance reasons they asked me to get a letter from the doctor saying I could exercise I had no problem with that. When he(the guy who orginally asked) got the letter he reintroduced leg exersices. Keep in mind alot are bodyweight exercises, it was one I hate that step, it is just really a step, I go up and down stairs alot during the day I don't need go up and down one step in the gym (reps were x20 too!) I said to him about heavy weights and he wrote down 2x2kg(dumbbells) Don't remember much after that, two things I hated on one exercise, but seriously my kitten weighs more than 2kg!

                              Ok that was a bit more of a rant than I intended. On a bit of a side note I weighted myself today and I lost 2kg in the past few weeks(without really trying hard)

                              When I've time I'm going to go through everything on this thread, and see will I annoy one of the other gym instructors.