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    I've been looking into TRX as a solution for my no-time, no room but need to get back into exercise situation. I hear a lot about how they are overpriced, but if I make good use of them, I'm not so concerned with paying more. My question is, are they any good? I look at some of the videos, and the instructors seem lean, but not really buff. You gotta assume that the people in the commercials represent the best of the best for the product, so I'm wondering If I can build a little muscle into my physique this way - seriously lacking muscle now.

    Anyone have any experience with these things?

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    I built one out of 550 cord (Army parachute cord), a couple of carabiners, and some webstrap handles I found on Amazon. I really like it, but I'm using it in conjunction with Convict Conditioning, so I have a pretty good plan for what I'm doing. Before I started CC, I was just kinda messing around on the suspension trainer.

    The benefits of the TRX are less about the time and more about the convenience of it- it travels well, and you can use it anywhere, which means you don't have to have access to weights or a gym.

    If your issue is time, then the TRX won't necessarily fix that. A better option might be to find a good bodyweight workout plan, like Convict Conditioning. I've also heard good things about You Are Your Own Gym. I do CC twice a week for an hour each time and I'm getting pretty good results from it.

    The TRX might come with good videos or workout plans, but I don't know. I would recommend picking a plan, then getting the tools you need to accomplish the plan, rather than the other way around.

    Bodyweight exercises will get you strong, but not give you a bodybuilder's physique.

    Finally, TRX might provide good workout plans, but I don't have any knowledge of it.


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      Thanks for the insights. Never heard of Convict Conditioning - is that "convict" as in jail? The story with me is that as a kid I was super into lifting. Now in my 40's I get winded going up a flight of stairs and the physique is, well, less-than ripped. The problem is I'm out from morning till night - I'm literally at a time in my life where I have almost no time to workout. I thought if I can find something that was like 10-15 minutes a few times a week - just to start with - it could help kick start my weight loss. I also know from my lifting days that I just vain enough to need to see some visual results from exercise to keep me motivated. I have a spinning bike that I've been thinking about using for sprints (of course will have to find new place to hang clothes) and then mixing in some strength/lifting/bodyweight stuff...


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        I have a TRX and also You are your own Gym, getting ready to complete the 10 week cycle this week. I am also a longtime weightlifter but wanted to do something different to break it up.

        As far as the TRX goes I enjoy it and it travels well. You can amp up the intensity and get a killer workout in 15 minutes if that's all you have, gonna take a while to build up your strength though to be effective if you haven't exercised in awhile, it's a longer adaption curve then lifting weights in my opinion.
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          Maybe for quick and effective workouts try:

          bodyweight exercises, bodyweight workouts

          Folks have reported good results and the workouts are 30min or less 3 times/week.

          I built my own TRX for very cheap. Still, I think there are lots of body weight exercises you could do that would be just as effective and won't cost ou a thing.
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            Yes, Convict Conditioning is written by an ex-con.

            Remember that nutrition is 80% of your body composition. If you start with 20 meals a week and five workouts, then each meal is approximately 16 times more important to your body than each workout, if I did my math correctly. If I didn't do the math correctly, it's still more important to get your diet under control.

            Also, for losing weight, it seems that the best possible exercise is walking. If you are getting winded walking up stairs, then you probably need to start with walking. Yes, it takes time, as much as a couple of hours a week. Make time for your health.


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              Go to and look at the homemade equipment links. Suspension training us awesome.


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                I have a TRX but use it rarely these days. It's fun for a while as something different so I "tinker" with it as opposed to using as my "go to" fitness system. If you want to try a suspension trainer, I'd either make one (as noted above) or get the Jungle Gym XT. I don't think it's better than the TRX, but it's a lot less money.

                As far as bang for the buck, I think CC and YAYOG are great. I actually have been using their routines for the past six months. I think they're about $39 and $10 respectively, so for about $50 you could have great information, good stories, etc.


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                  i've been eating paleo and doing bodyrock for the last 2 months. sort of prison style workouts. i went from having a soft tummy to actually getting some abs. these pics are me yesterday after a workout!

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                    If you only have 10-15 and you're trying to lose weight, do some quick anaerobic conditioning workouts with bodyweight. You don't have enough time for a solid strength training session, so jump start the weight loss with things like burpees.

                    If you need to strength train in 15 minutes, I'd suggest squatting only. You can do counterweighted pistols for a quick 3x3 per leg once a week. You wont become superman, but it's a great start given your time constraints. Check out Beast Skills for a good pistol guide.

                    None of these things cost you any money.
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                      The people in commercials are NOT a good indicator of what you will look like after following the workouts or equipment that they are trying to sell. Please do not base your choice of exercise on this.
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                        Originally posted by arthurb999 View Post
                        Go to and look at the homemade equipment links. Suspension training us awesome.
                        what he said


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                          TRX training can strengthen and tone your muscles. This is not significantly different than other forms of resistance training but it is a current fad.

                          TRX sale


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                            Before you shell out the $100+ on a TRX, I picked up one of these off amazon for a heck of a lot less:

                            In a Bag - Trainer In a Bag - WOSS Enterprises, LLC


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                              Originally posted by JulieReeves View Post
                              TRX training can strengthen and tone your muscles. This is not significantly different than other forms of resistance training but it is a current fad.

                              TRX sale
                              It's not a fad. It's been around for years. If you shop around on the internets, you can find them for less than what the website sells for. I bought mine on Amazon. I took a class for several years before I decided to buy one for myself.