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Any fitness advice for those with adrenal fatigue

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  • Any fitness advice for those with adrenal fatigue

    I struggle with an autoimmune thyroid problem and adrenal fatigue. I was on cortisol for about a year, but weaned off it a few months ago. Most of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue are gone, but I'm left unable to exercise or exert much energy at all without completely exhausting myself. For instance, I walked this morning for about 45 minutes (pushing a wheelchair) at a moderate pace and now I can hardly summon the energy to make dinner.
    I'm not interested in yoga (although I do enjoy ballet). How can I rebuild my energy levels and continue to lose weight when simply walking is too much?

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    45 minute walk at a moderate pace, pushing a wheelchair? That sounds like a really good work-out, I don't blame you for being tired!

    Take it easy. Don't try to push yourself too much.
    Wait for the Primal diet to kick in, your body needs to heal from what it's been through: vegetarian + graves + then irradiated + low calorie diet + lots of over exercising + vegan. Eventually you'll start feeling like you can do more and more.Once you feel better, then start worrying about exercise.
    Make sure you sleep well.

    You're in the right track to think about yoga and ballet; you can also do light pilates work-out, but remember, take. it. easy. until your body heals. If you push yourself too hard now, you'll just slow down your progress.
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      It's so hard to take it easy, isn't it, when everyone is telling you to do more? LOL. You're right. I'm making it a point not to feel guilty about not working out more or feeling tired until I've been on this diet for a while longer. Thanks for the reminder.