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  • Thoughts on the RKS System

    Anyone use the RKS System? Looks like a very well rounded program to me for strength training, but I wanted to run it by the "experts" before I dropped that kind of cash for it.

    To give you an idea of the actual workouts (I don't think they are listed)

    Workout 1 - 20 minutes Swings - 30 seconds two handed swings w/ 45 seconds rest

    Workout 2:
    20 minute circuit workout consisting of 5 exercises...

    Goblet Lunge

    Workout 3:

    28 minutes in length minus warm-up and cool down..This workout consisted of 3 Supersets roughly around 10 minutes or so in length.

    Superset 1...

    3x half get ups each sie
    5x Goblet Squats
    30 seconds rest
    repeat this set as many times as you can within 10 minutes with good form

    Superset 2...

    Suitcase Deadlifts 5x right side 5x left side
    10x alternating reverse goblet lunge
    30 seconds or so of rest or whatever you need
    repeat as many times as you can within 10 minutes with good form

    Superset 3...

    Window Wipers 30 seconds
    Rest 30 seconds
    Alternating leg lifts 30 seconds
    Rest 30 seconds
    Repeat 3 times
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    WORKOUT 4:

    DOUG Challenge Workout 10 minutes in length

    5x Row right hand
    5x Row Left Hand
    10x Squat thrust w/jump
    15x Pushups on toes or knees
    20x two-handed swings

    NO Rest...repeat as many times as you can with good form for 10 minutes. This workout is meant to see how you've progressed over the weeks.

    Note - there are 16 unique workouts. It's a 4 week rotation - no workout is repeated. All are about 30 minutes (give or take). I just listed the first week.
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      This is not a strength training programme per se but there are many good things about it - short and intense. Not sure what will happen after this week but I'd like to see a greater emphasis on cleans, snatches and OH presses.

      What are your particular goals?
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        Coach - you hit it on the head. The next few weeks are more cleans, presses and snatches. This is basically a build up. I could give you a break down of all of the workouts - but I thought that might be a bit excessive. For a complete breakdown of the DVD's and exercises go here.

        Because you are doing a different exercise every minute it goes by quickly but is tough, if you substract the rest periods, the total workout time is 20 minutes, but every second counts.

        My goals - that's always an interesting one with me. This year it's to complete the 60 mile bike ride I signed up for with my daughter, and to hike with my dogs (which I do now - 5-11 miles with some good climbs - but hiking has gotten a bit tougher). I have dabbled in kettlebells, but I'm looking for a better foundation upon which to grow. I guess I'm looking for a good solid routine with which I can go.
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          I recently bought this work out and I really like it! Unfortunately the DVD that has workout 5&6 on it got stuck in my computer. I'm trying to replace it but in the mean time - could you post the workouts for those two workouts please? Thanks!!!!


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            Hi LDaley, I have some notes on RKS #5 - I did a bit of the RKS program during the summer but I am now doing Simple & Sinister just because it is so simple

            RKS 5:
            The first part is doing press-ladders, 1R/L, 2R/L, 3R/L, as many rounds as possible for 15 minutes. I used a 12 kg bell and in the beginning I did one round per minute. Towards the end I slowed down a bit. 16kg would probably have been too much (at least without help from the legs, i.e. push-press...)

            The seconds part is one-handed swings, 15s R, 15s rest, 15s L, 15s rest, for 15 minutes. I used 12 kg to begin with but switched to 16 kg for the later part.