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Adrenal Fatigue And Light Yoga

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  • Adrenal Fatigue And Light Yoga

    Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering if any of you can suggest a good light yoga practice for beginners or any dvd's that you guys have had success with that is not to demanding. I am battling adrenal fatigue and need something more for restoration. I have started Qigong but want to incorporate some yoga as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I don't know of a specific yoga dvd, but "restorative" or "yin" yoga is what you're looking for
    The "Qigong for Cleansing" dvd really helped me with my own adrenal fatigue- if there's a kidney movement in your qigong routine, do it 36 times a few times a day if possible. This makes healing occur a lot faster. Also, daily consistency is key, even if you only do five minutes. It's much better than doing a longer session only once or twice a week. My qigong teacher couldn't stress this enough!


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      Thanks HazyJane! I will look into that DVD...I currently started the Eight Pieces of Brocade again from and just do a simple 18 minute routine. I totally agree that you must do it daily than scattered 2-3 per week. I will get that Qigong For Cleansing DVD and incoporate that as well. The reason why I wanted to do yoga was only for relaxation and to supplement an activity for not doing weight training which I absolutely miss - but its for the better! Did you do any weight training or Light Resistance work when you had adrenal fatigue? I heard Paul Chek saying those with Adrenal Fatigue should do 6 Sets 2 x per week or even once just to maintain strength and not to do it to failure.


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        I did some isometric (Lotte Berk/Core Fusion) and bodyweight exercises, but I kept it minimal, as I would get so worn out if I overdid it (I even had to be careful about walking too long in the beginning!)

        The Qigong for Cleansing is nice because it only takes 9 min. to do once you learn the routine and it's a little different than the Eight Brocades in that it's a form called zhang fu gong (5 yin organs qigong) so it works directly on all the organ systems. It's more geared toward physical healing than other forms of qigong, though they're all healing in some way
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          I really liked -- of all the materials on yin yoga --

          The Yin Yoga Kit
          The Practice of Quiet Power
          By Biff Mithoefer