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    I just started CrossFit at 42 and I am by no means anywhere near the oldest there.
    Check out this article on my boxes website:

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      I'm 49 and started CrossFit about 8 months ago. The workouts are scaled (we have four options on the board every night). Plus, most boxes require an on-ramp class to show you some of the movements, the format, and give you an expectation.

      I'm setting new bests in the power lifts and I'm getting leaner. I also took six months off of running to let a nagging hamstring injury heal, and I'm running reasonably well right now off a little bit of running and lot of CrossFit. I go 3-5 times per week, and on days where I'm tired, I scale the workout appropriately. I think the most important thing is to be honest about your fitness level for each workout, so you work hard, but not too hard, and so you avoid injury.

      We have guys in their late 50s in our gym who are amazingly fit.


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        I'm 51 and feel stronger than I've ever been. I do high-intensity workouts at home but have been thinking about Crossfit for two reasons, one opened nearby, and I don't have weights at home to lift heavy weights with.
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          I'm in my sixties, still strong and reasonably fit--nothing like our Al K of course. Every year for over twenty years, until this year, I led a conference to NYC, taking a group of people 10 to 30 years younger than myself, and consistently they complained that I walked too fast and too far for them to keep up, though I was moderating my pace deliberately. The younger tended to be the least fit. My point is that age is a factor, but one of many. I do get a little tired of people who want to dump anyone over sixty in the boneyard of mda. Mark's in his mid-fifties after all.

          Btw: a Framingham study that came out in the mid-90s showed that men (I don't know if women were included) even in their 90s could develop muscle strength as well as teens.
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            There are folks that work out at our CF box (gym) in their 50's and 60's. You don't need to have any fitness background to get started. Be sure to ask your trainers how to scale down the workouts for you and let them know of any injuries or pains.
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              I am 52 and am now in my third month of CF. I had a running background, but no strength training. They work with me to modify what i can't do (pullups for instance), and show me & have me demonstrate proper form for all weight lifting before doing the exercise with weights. I have gained strength, and my last 5K was 2:11 faster that the one done just prior to starting CF. So it can help folks of all ages...


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                Tim Ferriss writes about a 70yo guy doing power lifting... which as I understand would be similar workouts to crossfit.


                woman in her 90's setting records... I think you'll be fine doing crossfit