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  • Kinesis - new workout machines

    "Kinesis" is a new line of strength training machines by TechnoGym:

    YouTube - ‪Technogym Kinesis Stations: the New Training Experience‬‏

    My gym recently introduced these machines, last weekend I tried them for the first time, and I really liked them. Compared to traditional machines they're more intense since they engage the stabilizing muscles more, and they're much more flexible in terms of angles/movement variations than traditional machines. As an example, the station designed primarily for overhead presses can also be used for dip-like movements simply by moving the hand position. Also, on the bench press station you can freely move between press/fly style exercises. You can also alternate between sides effortlessly, since each side has a separate weight stack on all stations.

    Sorry if this sounds like an advertisment message - I'm not saying that these machines are *the* best invention in the field of strength training. But if you're near a gym that has them, I encourage you to give them a try - IMO they're a real improvement over traditional machines, and not merely a gimmick/fad.
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    Ok, apparently TechnoGym introduced Kinesis in 2005 ... so it's not exactly brand new, sorry about that. ;-)
    MikeEnRegalia's Blog - Nutrition, Dieting, Exercise and other stuff ;-)